Jun 222010

I tried to install ShapeWriter from the Android Marketplace yesterday and couldn’t find it (I was trying to reinstall it after flashing my phone with Cyanogenmod 5.0.8). After searching the interwebs, I found out that it had been removed from the marketplace on June 20th indefinitely (supposedly for QA issues). Luckily I had backed up the app using MyBackup Pro and still had the APK, so I was able to reinstall it. I’m putting the APK up here for anyone who needs to reinstall ShapeWriter.

Download ShapeWriter APK

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  1. From “Impaled at XDA forums” here is “Impaled AngryBirds”… He took out the ads and sped it up. It works great on my incredible. The reviews have been mixed depending on the device you are using.. I had to uninstall Angry Birds and then install Impaled’s version of Angry Birds. It was worth it to get rid of the ads..


  2. why when I enable it my phone warns me that it can steal my passwords and credit card info?

  3. Ron, what are you talking about? I got no such warning.. I’ve been using this for a month with no problems etc.. A number of people are using this version with no problems..

  4. I’m a dummy…once I get this file, how do I install it?

  5. Yada – Download the file to your droid, then use Astro Manager to install it

  6. Thank you so much. I had to reset my phone and didn’t even realize they had taken this off the market. I can’t live without it!

    Ron- it gives you that warning with every keyboard app

  7. this software works a treat on my acer liquidE, lovin’ it! :)

  8. you’re a lifesaver… my phone went to down the toilet yesterday and i had to do a factory reset… was so depressed about shapewriter but you saved my life.

    thanks!!! :)

  9. btw… how did you get the apk file? in case i want to pull any apps that i think might disappear?

  10. @laydeestlz
    I used a program called MyBackup Pro (it costs around $4, I think). It backs up your apps into a zip file. This zip file contains the APK!

  11. Here’s the new Swype, just released.. Works perfect on HTC Incredible



  12. thanks this help. Been looking to get this back on my phone for weeks.

  13. awesome! same comment as everyone else, doubt i’ll be the last.

  14. i need help getting this file onto my phone from my computer… i am not very good with computers and i just got my htc incredible can you please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Thanks – this version of the swype beta works with Nexus S


  17. Thanks for this, how long will it last? is it a demo….

  18. thank you been looking for this to try

  19. […] Originally Posted by NEST600 For me ShapeWriter was the only Swype-like keyboard I could use. Swype's choice of words/suggestions/paths is almost always wrong for me. The dictionary handling is intolerable for my use and the number of commands it's added as words that then screw actual words up really gets annoying. Not being able to see the dictionary as a whole at once then makes it much harder to keep it 'clean'. If ShapeWriter came back I'd be all over it. For ~me~ this keyboard works well one-handed using my thumb. Nothing to do with driving, don't do that. And I'm not in exams to cheat on. That was over a decade ago. I'm slower with it as of this moment than I am with Swype BUT I'm NOT making nearly as many word errors AND I'm less frustrated. With Swype if I had to be slow and deliberate I was _pissed_, because it still didn't buy me much word choice accuracy. With 8pen if I do slower and deliberate it is at least spot-on for me. I'm giving it a month…. and hoping for ShapeWriter to return over Swype. I'm undecided but I'm not down on 8pen. -Pk Download ShapeWriter APK | Rough Book […]

  20. THANK YOU! You, quite simply, are wonderful… thank you for backing this up and realizing you should share! I didn’t have the apk, and Astro wouldn’t let me back it up (considered private) when I upgraded my ROM today… I put off upgrading to Android 2.2 to hold onto shapewriter — couldn’t put off any longer, so updated today and went looking for a copy. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  21. will this work for iphone/itouch? if so how do i install it? thanx in advance

  22. Shapewriter has been upgraded and renamed to “FlexT9 Speak-Trace-Write-Tap” and is now available in the market..

  23. doggy d, no it won’t work on the iPhone or itouch…

  24. Thank you so much for this! I had to reset my phone and I lost the ShapeWriter keyboard and couldn’t get it from the market again. To me, this is easily the best keyboard of this type. I don’t understand how swype can be in business with this keyboard in existence.

  25. omg, i love you. just installed and i honestly love this much better than the swype. just got my 4gtouch yesterday and i couldnt stand swype after being used to shapewriter

  26. Thank you so much for posting this!! I will definitely be downloading My Backup Pro so that I never lose this amazing app ever again LoL

  27. Wow you’re a life saver. Thanks!

  28. I have not lost my shapewriter app yet, but I do have to factory reset my phone and I will lose it soon. I downloaded the backup program suggested, paid for it, etc, but it doesn’t appear to be backing up my shapewriter app….help?

  29. woah, and I put ipv6 address, it works t.t

  30. @LUIS
    So glad I found this, but where do I need to download it on my phone? I don’t know how to get my phone to find the file.

  31. @Se7eN
    are you using FlexT9? Is it really the same as Shapewriter?

  32. Yes – same life saving “thank you” as all the others! 😉

    Once you download the .APK how do you install on the phone?

    Many thanks!

  33. I just bought FlexT9 and installed it on a new HTC Thunderbolt. It seems VERY GOOD but I think some features in SHAPEWRITER are missing. For example, the cycle through button that let’s you change from “thunderbolt” to “Thunderbolt” to “THUNDERBOLT” …

  34. @LUIS
    Once its on your phones memory card – how do you install it? Thanks.

  35. Oh my gosh! Thanks for doing this. My friends and I are so thankful! <3

  36. After I deleted ShapeWriter and couldn’t get it back, I lost hope… I just wanna thank you soooooooooooo much for helping me get it back! :)

  37. Thank you SO MUCH!! I can’t function without this app!

  38. First of all… It is a good idea to pull out your microsd chip and put it into your computer and backup everything at least once a month. that is what I do.

    Does anyone have a full version of SlideIT? I am also looking for a caller id blocking program, I currently use Mr. Number where you can set certain numbers to go straight to voice mail but it is expired and has so many popups. Any helo=p>

  39. Thanks so much for providing this APK. I lost my ‘phone a couple of months ago, didn’t have the APK in backup, couldn’t download it from the market anymore and was getting REALLY annoyed with Swype on my Galaxy S.

    Swype’s OK but it’s not been thought out well enough and consequently it has a lot of annoying issues (like more than 1000 completely worthless entries that the (non-)designers felt should be added to the dictionary simply because I used them in a text message once) and the ludicrous necessity of having to select virtually every word I use from a list simply because the default is almost never correct.

    You’re a lifesaver.

  40. […] APK Download link Here's a website with the download: Download ShapeWriter APK | Rough Book My phone has become so slow! I've been wanting to reset it to factory but the fact that I couldn't […]

  41. Hey thanks man been looking for this for months now.

  42. This application is the sh*t! I have been doing mad research trying to figure out what keyboard to use, cam across this one named on a site and was unable to find it in the market. However google knows all and was able to locate this great thread for me! Thanks a million, I have installed and made functional about 15 keyboards before finding this APK. This is by far the best one out there, swype dont got anything on ShapeWriter! When I was looking at getting my HTC ThunderBolt I wasn’t sure cause it didnt have swype pre-installed so I was considering fascinate. I got the bolt and swype isnt all its cracked up to be next to Shape Writer.

    To put this apk on your phone this is how I did it.

    Right click on the apk link on this page. Copy link address.
    Go into email and write yourself an email and paste the address link to the APK inside the email send it. Now check email on phone and follow link. Should install much like it does from the market, just without visiting the market.
    Hope this helps.
    Again thanks a mill for this apk upload.

  43. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I lost my shapewriter and have gone through several keyboards since. I used slide it for a while and does not come close to shapewriter. I feel complete again.

    I emailed it like JamesHMT said and it worked perfectly.

    Thanks again. You’re a live saver.

  44. You saved me!!! I can’t tell you how happy you made me by making this available!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

  45. thank you so much! had ShapeWriter on my Hero, but couldn’t find it anywhere (or Bump it from the Hero) to get it on my brand new Evo 3D. now it’s installed and i no longer have to suffer with the regular keyboard or Swype.

    ShapeWriter, imho, is about 1562 times better than Swype.

  46. Many thanks for backing up this file and sharing it. Like many others I find Shapewriter to work spot on.

  47. thank you for good site.i from iran.
    ممنون از سایت خوبتون.من از ایران هستم

  48. Thank you! I thought I was going to have to root my phone to save this application since I was switching phones but I found it here and you saved me a lot of work! Amazing!

  49. Thank you! I may have to do a factory reset of my Evo due to some kind of memory leak that shows me having 167mb of data in my mail and cannot delete it no matter what I do. It’s causing a “low memory” message and preventing me from updating some programs. No one seems to have a solution besides a factory reset. The only thing that would kill me to lose is shape writer! As everyone else says, it’s so much better than swype or any of the others it’s not funny.

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