Word-based Markov chains get pretty interesting when you create them from poems. For example, I applied my script to a bunch of Yeats’ poems to get some interesting results:

As the world with her right hand.
And though I would not death,
And Bridget drew in the half of the merry old men with books,
To the wind goes
And follow the course is the door and bells,
What could turn
A crown upon the grass,

And running crowd, along the feet.
She laid her door.
How when it is on the air;
He sat and moon and the sun and silver light footfall;

But I,
Until one,
A meteor of the moon, and stood,
Until one has seen in the heavy casement
And pushed the way of earth’s old timid breath,
With a drifting smoke;

But I did meet;
She passed the grass
Lifting his hands.
Sing on a hound;
And Time and quivering garment
It sang to round they range?
When two close kindred meet,

Its flesh being wild duck and stood,
The blue.
Hers the windy way

To gather the half light, being young girls
Who danced on her fan from the salley gardens my leaning shoulder she took up in
How when we will moor our lonely ship
And wander ever with ecstatic breath,
But I would that they range?
And on my dreams.

You can also create a chain from two radically different pieces of text to get rather funny results. See what happens when you combine the Declaration of Independence with part of Cinderella:

Britain is their future security. But when a decent respect to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it off such is their Safety and I will look down on you from heaven and gave her wooden shoes. There she was forced to a history of human events it becomes destructive of abuses and organizing its foundation on her every imaginable injury – they are more disposed to throw off such Government, and to reduce them to secure these truths to abolish it is their right themselves by their former Systems of Nature and such Government, That to which impel them with the governed, who were beautiful and be changed for light and black of an absolute Despotism, while evils are endowed by abolishing the time the spring sun had brought with another and to the causes which constrains them to eat bread must earn it becomes destructive of an absolute Tyranny over these truths to which the grave, and by their Safety and of an absolute Despotism, they are more disposed to dissolve the consent of human events it is, pursuing invariably the forms to sit and organizing its foundation on such form, will always protect you, and lentils into the present King of these ends, she called her every imaginable injury – they called her pretty clothes away from her into the same Object evinces a candid world.