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Qwest charges a “setup fee” for static IP’s

Two weeks ago, I finally got my DSL upgrade from a measly 3Mbps to a whopping (for me) 12Mbps. I have been on 3Mbps since 2004, and the difference is amazing. I’m able to stream HD quality stuff from Netflix all the time! Qwest set me up with an Actiontec Q1000 router/modem, which as far as routers go, is not that great. But it does the job… somewhat. My previous modem (also from Qwest) would let me grab multiple IP’s from Qwest if I had it plugged into a switch (every machine that was plugged into that switch got an IP from Qwest’s pool). However, the Actiontec is different. Since it’s a router, it basically just enables DHCP and gives you an address. This was a problem for me because I have three machines that face the outside world and I use DynDNS so that I can access them. The router does some port-mapping, but that wasn’t an option. Since my website was my top priority, I set it up in a DMZ and figured that I could access the other two machines through my webserver, so no big deal. But yeah, didn’t work completely. DynDNS uses the modem’s IP for my webserver. I can access my website without any problem, from the outside world. But if I try to get to it from within my network, I end up at the Actiontec’s configuration page. Stupid. So eventually I just decided to get some static IP’s. The price was pretty reasonable: a block of 8 for $14.99 a month. Then I saw the setup fee: $50. Seriously? FIFTY dollars to set up a block of IP addresses? Read the rest of this entry »

Bumped Up

I bumped up my line speed from 640k/256k to 1.5M/896k. Expect faster downloads from here!

Hard Drive

I got my 80 gig Maxtor HD today. Woohoo! I’m also getting my block of IP’s today. I’ve switched over from Qwest to FastQ. I should have everything set up by Sunday… Then it’s off to Cali for Spring Break!


I’ve placed an order with Qwest to change my ISP to FastQ. I’ll be talking to FastQ tomorrow so I can figure out what I’ll need to change on my current network connection. Probably just the DNS entires I think. I will also need to ask them about Static IP’s. I want to get that all done before I leave for California for Spring Break.


IE6 just had to make it HARDER with their P3P compatibility. On top of that, my stupid domain name providers have some bizarre convention where they put the actual page (where or refers to) inside a STUPID FRAME. So when I run the P3P validator, it finds p3p.xml alright, but it’s inside a STUPID FRAME so it comes across as HTML to it… WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WANT TO SET IT UP LIKE THAT? I sent them an email… the bastards never write back… I hate them… I hate them so much… and I have another year with them… I’m going to go with next year… Yeah so why did I do P3P? Because IE6 won’t take cookies otherwise… But then I FINALLY got it all to work… I was making the pop-up window open with reference to so it was putting it inside that STUPID FRAME… I changed it and now it WORKS!!! WOOHOOO!!! P3P is still interesting though… Yeah so this site has P3P and you can read the policy here. The XML is here. I generated it using IBM’s P3P Policy Editor. It’s free and easy to use. I don’t understand half the legal stuff that’s in the Policy file… I just made it so that my cookies would work…

Netfirms is nice

I got my self an account on They are a pretty good hosting service. You can run cgi scripts too. I was originally running my cgi scripts off a server at work, but we took that server down during the summer. I lost all my cgi scripts… sucks… Anyways, I made a new bAdkOde.cgi file and this one has a counter. Yeah yeah… there’s that stupid ad banner on the top. But no biggie… Oh yes… REMEMBER to ALWAYS put Content-type: text/html on top of html pages generated by cgi… I ALWAYS forget that…

Random Curse Generator

For lack of better things to do, I added a random curse generator of my own creation to this page. Now you are greeted with a random curse everytime you come here. I used to have a popup version a while ago, but now it writes out to the page. Oh and one more thing. Check out and They both point here now :)… Anywayz, that’s all… Take it easy…

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