Ghost in the Machine

by vivin

I don’t know what changed in the room. The dark lab seemed eerie, creepy; the shadows on the wall were menacing. I started getting goosebumps and chills. Perhaps it was some ancient and primal part of my brain. All I knew was that I was actually starting to feel scared. I went back and sat down at the computer. I cleared memory and loaded up my program. My finger hovered over the ENTER key for a few seconds. I sighed and hit it. The program ran. It didn’t crash outright, which was a good sign. I chided myself for thinking that something odd was going on, and I was just about to let out a sigh of relief when again, it crashed.

I started getting goosebumps again and chills again. There was a hollow feeling in my stomach. I swallowed and decided to do a dump of memory. Again, my finger hovered above the ENTER key. As the memory dump came up, I froze.


As I stared slackjawed, I heard behind me: TAP-TAP-TAP on the window. I did not turn back. I would not. I was terrified. I said a prayer in my head as I slowly and deliberately shut everything down. I don’t know how I stood up, but I did. I grabbed my backpack and without looking behind me I walked (ran) out the main entrance and headed home. I slept (if you could even say that) with the lights on that night.