Ancient Code

by vivin


I wanted other people to experience the wonderful world of GW-BASIC:

10 CLS
30 PRINT "------- -----"
40 PRINT "Learn by Doing!!!"
50 INPUT "What is your name ?",N$
60 PRINT "Ok!! Let's start! ";N$
70 PLAY "l16eedddel34ddefffddl4eedccdefedl64cdgfegdfgefdgcfgefdgedfgedfcgfl4cc"
80 PRINT "Let's start with the basics! ";N$
90 PRINT "Basic is the short form for Beginner's All purpose Symbolic Code. Basic is a "
100 PRINT "User Friendly language. You can write your own programs with it.
110 PRINT "The PRINT command."
120 PRINT "The print commmand is used to show something on the monitor. Eg. If you type  "
130 PRINT "Print 3+5, It will show 8 below what you have typed. There is also another way"
140 PRINT " to show the PRINT statement you can also type ?3+5 and it will show 8."

What’s with the PLAY command? I think I had just figured it out or something and decided to go overboard with it.

Vivin’s Menu

I remember having AUTOEXEC.BAT rigged up so it would start GW-BASIC on start-up, and take you to this menu. It is a lot better than it looks. I had coloured text, borders and everything:

... code missing ...

40 PRINT "Vivin's Menu"
50 PRINT "Welcome to Vivin's Menu......."
60 PRINT "Please enter your selection......."

... code missing ...

100 PRINT "(A) Math Sums                   (B) Quiztime "
110 PRINT "(C) English                     (D) Indian Anthem"
120 PRINT "(E) Math Tables                 (F) PC Organ"
130 PRINT "(G) Music                       (H) Unterlands Heimweh"
140 PRINT "(I) Student Report              (J) Face"
150 PRINT "(K) GWBasic Color               (L) GWBasic Filesee"
160 PRINT "(M) Sound Effects               (N) GWBasic System Diagnostics"
170 PRINT "(O) Directory Maker/Remover     (P) GWBasic Filename changer"
180 PRINT "(Q) Color cone                  (R)"
190 PRINT "(S)                             (T)"
200 PRINT "(U)                             (V)"
210 PRINT "(W)                             (X)"
220 PRINT "(Y)                             (Z)"