Ancient Code

by vivin

And the alien ships… I mean… Mathvader Ships. I wonder though… do they just paint the math problems on the sides? Nah… I bet they have a screen that displays math problems. Oh man! I so want to play this game now!

Unfortunately that was about as much as I could salvage out of there for Mathvaders. But no worries… there’s more!

Color Changing Something

Copyright (C) Vivin Corporation 1994″
This program does not give the color you have chosen in all the programs becaus
e the colours change according to the color programmed in the program. You have
to chose the colours again because GWbasic does not save the color you have cho
sen. Asoon as you choose a color GWbasic exits.

I think this program chose the color-scheme for a menu program that I wrote. My english sounds… so weird. This next one is classic. I don’t know what I was thinking:


10 CLS
20 PRINT "Welcome to COMPEDIC"
30 PRINT "Hallo! How are you";Q$
40 INPUT "What is your name";N$
50 INPUT "What are your sickness symptoms(No need of comas)";S$
60 PRINT " "
70 PRINT "Ok. Your name is ";N$;"and your sickness symptoms are/is ";S$;". Ok Goto a Pharmacy show this prescription and take the medicine."
80 PRINT "-------------------------------------------------"
90 PRINT "|                COMPEDIC                       |"
100 PRINT "-------------------------------------------------"
110 PRINT "|                                               |"
120 PRINT "| Name:";N$;"                                   |"
130 PRINT "| Symptoms:";S$;"                               |"
140 PRINT "| Medicine: XXXXXXXXXX                          |"
150 PRINT "|                                               |"
160 PRINT "|                                               |"
170 PRINT "|                                               |"
180 PRINT "|                                               |"
190 PRINT "|                                               |"
200 PRINT "|                                               |"
210 PRINT "|                                               |"
220 PRINT "|                                               |"
230 PRINT "|                                               |"
240 PRINT "|                                               |"
250 PRINT "|Docotor's signature: COMPEDIC                  |"
260 PRINT "|-----------------------------------------------|"

Wow… I mean WOW. Anyother amazing creation from Vivin Corporations. COMPEDIC: The Computer Medic for all your Illegal Prescription Needs! So I could take this to ANY Pharmacy and they would honour it? I mean would it happen like this: