Garden City or City of Boiled Beans

by vivin

My bus was going to leave at 8 pm. So we headed bck home at around 6:30. Deepthi’s dog Bruzo wouldn’t let me leave. He had followed me non-stop the entire time I was there. He’s an awesome dog. A very playful Lab who is about a year old. He thinks he’s two or three months old and doesn’t seem to realize that he is quite big and quite heavy. He has this interesting quirk where he comes up to you with a rag in his mouth. You are supposed to then try and take it away from him. During my second day there, he came into my room and took out a bunch of my shirts. I am lucky I stopped him in time. He did get away with a sock of mine though. I let him have it. It was his favourite toy for the next few days. Anyway, I said goodbye to my uncle and aunt and Deepthi started driving me to my bus stop. Rathi was with us too. Deepthi was tense towards the end, because she thought we wouldn’t make it on time. I really got to hand it to her for being able to drive stick in Indian road and traffic conditions! I was very impressed. Well, we made it with 10 minutes to spare. They had blocked off a road and Deepthi had to try and find a new way to where we were going.

I was very sad about leaving and I didn’t really want to leave. It gets a little boring in Kerala as there are not too many people my age. So it was pretty cool hanging out in Bangalore with my cousins. I said goodbye to Deepthi and Rathi and settled in for my journey. Once again, I slept most of the way and I woke up to see the familiar lines, loops, and curls of Malayalam on the store signs. I had missed the Edapally stop, because according to the conductor, it wasn’t important enough to warrant his attention. I got out at Ernakulam. Luckliy, there were about a dozen or so auto-rickshaw drivers who were only too happy to take me to Edapally. I reched home at about 6:30 am. My Bangalore trip had come to an end.

Bangalore was really awesome. I know I am definitely going to go there again, the next time I come to India. Phew.. .that was long… I think that’s all that’s going on… I am leaving for Muscat on the 6th. I will be staying there for a month. After that, it’s back to India for a couple of days, after which I will be coming back to Arizona…