by vivin

I was trying to scan some photos when I got an unpleasant surprise. My scanner wasn’t working! That got me thinking… My printer and scanner are both connected to my USB Hub. Then I remembered that I had installed Xilinx ISE and ModelSim. Software that I needed for my CSE 422 class. I remembered that they installed some USB drivers. I uninstalled the software but that didn’t do anything. Searching for drivers on the internet didn’t help either. I was pissed. I hate Xilix now. Their piece of crap software screws up USB ports. Screw the class, I’m not installing that crap on my system. I figured my only other alternative (though extreme, but that’s my style) is to reformat my system. But then I remembered that XP has something called System Restore. I used it to restore my system to the point in time before I installed Xilix ISE and ModelSim. It worked beautifully… Woohoo!