by vivin

Halloween was okay. It didn’t start off good. My roommate Michael was in an accident on his way to work. Thankfully, he’s alright. But he doesn’t know if his jeep is going to make it. Which really sucks, coz his jeep is awesome, and it means a lot to him. Should have gone out on Mill… there were a lot of hot girls there… me and my buddy Suhrid went down there at about 1 in the morning. It was still fun.

For the hell of it, my buddy Omar and I (actually this was all Mustapha’s idea) went trick or treating to two houses with paper bags on our heads. Omar went first and the guy there was like “Aren’t you too old to be trick or treating?”. I went to this other house where the lady looked at me all wierd and asked “What are you supposed to be?” so I was like “Umm… Paper uhh… Bag Head Man.” It was pretty funny. However, the lady only gave me one lollipop. How lame is that? I have drill this weekend. My CSE421 homework is hard as hell and it is due on Monday…