We deserve more Respect

by vivin

Man I’m pissed! Some of my professors are SO DAMN RUDE! They are so obtuse! They are absolutely unwilling to help me out. They keep talking about how important it is to be on time for classes but they will do nothing to help me get there on time. Their brain seems to have some problem comprehending the “I am here under orders from the United States Government” part. Doesn’t matter. I sent an email out to the Dean. I can’t believe that they don’t have to common courtesy to reply to me like decent, mature individuals. I can’t believe that they won’t even give me a little bit of respect – especially considering the things I am doing. Yeah… let their lame asses run 6 miles in 85% humidity at 3 in the afternoon. I am busting my ass so that THEY can feel safe… I hate them.

Well, another weekend rolls by… Can’t wait to graduate.