Virginia in the summertime

by vivin

SUCKS. I have “Virginia in the summertime” on my list of places NOT TO BE IN. Why? Because it’s HUMID that’s why. You sweating your ass off just standing and doing nothing. Anyways… It’s the weekend again WOOHOO!! And I’m in a bowling alley on Ft. Lee. Last week went by fast.

On the 4th of July we had a “motivational company run” at six in the morning. Fun stuff (No, really!). We ran around 5 miles I think. Then that evening we went to a concert by someone called EPMD. I’ve never heard of him/them before. The concert was ok. It wasn’t really my kind of stuff. Some songs were alright. The next day (Friday) was cool – it was a company cook-out day. Just lounged about ALL DAY. Fun stuff. The 1SG, DS’s and the CO were serving us lunch. It was pretty neat. Now it’s Saturday and I’m so happy! Completed rites of passage today. I am officially a Quartermaster in the United States Army. The Quartermaster Corps is the second oldest corps (the first being Infantry) formed only three days after the army was formed. Cool huh? Well, so for our rites of passage, we went to the Army Quartermaster Museum, where we got to see artifacts all the way back from the War of Independence. Real awesome stuff. We also got to see a little movie (with a cheesy 80’s soundtrack) about the history of the corps. All in all, it was nice. It gave me a sense of pride to be part of history. What else… just chilling in the bowling alley now… gonna go and chill some more! I LOVE WEEKENDS!!!