I’m almost gone and I hate rude people

by vivin

I was supposed to leave today, but there was still some more processing to do, so I’m leaving tomorrow… GOOD… I wasn’t ready to leave. Hmm… I just am not looking forward to the adjustment period. I hope it goes ok… Arrgh… 12 weeks… learning how to fill out forms… I hope I don’t die of boredom. I am taking my CSE 225 stuff over so that I can get ready for the loads of crap in CSE 421 that I will have missed… And by the way, only my CSE 421 professor is cool… He’s kick-ass… the other two classes… ones which I won’t mention (for my own sake), those professors are total assholes. Rudest people I’ve met – won’t let me make up the work I’m going to miss, and won’t take time out of their “oh so busy” schedule to go over what I will have missed… losers… I’M DEFENDING YOUR FREAKIN’ FREEDOM YOU DUMBASSES!!!