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Sharity-Lite stopped working… No, wait… Actually it might have been my Windows machine. Ever since I installed that piece-of-crap Xilix ISE and ModelSim software my computer has been acting weird. It wouldn’t authenticate requests from Sharity-Light. The only way I could mount drives was if I enable simple file sharing. I couldn’t have that… I wanted it to be exclusive… It used to work before, but for some reason, now it doesn’t. That’s when I discovered SMBFS. It’s pretty neat. Mounts Windows shares really well! That and CUPS works really nicely with my HP Deskjet 812C, which is now connected to my FreeBSD machine. God I’m such a nerd!


I was trying to scan some photos when I got an unpleasant surprise. My scanner wasn’t working! That got me thinking… My printer and scanner are both connected to my USB Hub. Then I remembered that I had installed Xilinx ISE and ModelSim. Software that I needed for my CSE 422 class. I remembered that they installed some USB drivers. I uninstalled the software but that didn’t do anything. Searching for drivers on the internet didn’t help either. I was pissed. I hate Xilix now. Their piece of crap software screws up USB ports. Screw the class, I’m not installing that crap on my system. I figured my only other alternative (though extreme, but that’s my style) is to reformat my system. But then I remembered that XP has something called System Restore. I used it to restore my system to the point in time before I installed Xilix ISE and ModelSim. It worked beautifully… Woohoo!

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