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Today was pretty productive. I helped Greg set up the webserver at IPO. Migrated the old website over to the new machine without any problems. I rule… woohoo…

Long Time

Ok, so it’s been a LONG time since I wrote anything on this thing. Mainly because I was pissed off when file system got screwed after the power failure. I lost about 70% of my database. Anyways, nothing much is going on. Not too much work on this page – I’ve been busy with work at Motorola and building webpages for other people. Oh yeah, and classes too – 18 hours. I graduate next semester.

The world is a horrible place

I have so much work and I’m so stressed. Therefore, the world is currently the object of my hate. Physics exam on Thursday. The Photo-electric effect is a breeze. However, my Physics professor refuses to go over anything I missed, when I was busy busting my ass so he can feel safe. Consequently, I don’t understand what Lorentz Transformations are about. The book doesn’t do a good job. I would learn more from Icelandic Runes. Then I have a CSE430 project where I only have to simulate statewide cellphone network. What a breeze huh? Life sure sucks right about now. I’m waiting for something to redeem that.

Work was cool today

I’m writing this from a totally kick-ass system we just installed in the labs! It’s an IBM NetVista computer with wireless keyboard and mouse… the whole setup just looks really SWEET! This is SO AWESOME!!!

Everything Sucks

Work is boring. There is nothing to do. Everything sucks. I have so many things to take care of. I am leaving for training on the 3rd. My roommate Michael might be moving out, so I have to look for a new place. On top of that, my AIT training is 12 weeks… yes 12 WHOLE WEEKS! I’m in MAINTENANCE … GOOD LORD! 12 weeks to learn how to fill out forms? It better be more than that… When I’m done I’d better know how to build a nuclear weapon from sand and grass. Oh yeah, the worst part isn’t done yet. I’ll probably be back after school has started… OH GREAT! Isn’t that LOVELY? I’m taking CSE421 too! I love this! I completely LOVE THIS! Jeez… I hope everything works out… Life sucks. I hate it… Pool party on Wednesday… yaayy! Life still sucks…

My website sucks

Ah… Yes… Nothing on this page. You know what, this page SUCKS. This is the suckiest page ever. I don’t think anyone should even be here… GO AWAY! I haven’t done anything on this page… and I don’t think I’ll ever be doing anything… Ohh… I had so many cool ideas… I still have them, but I can’t get around to doing them… Even though this semester is my easiest (ASU didn’t give me any classes… @%^$@!%!)… They got me all busy at work… building webpages… pretty cool ones… Yeah so don’t expect anything here… It’ll never happen… lalala…

Some minor changes

This is kinda late in coming. Yes I know there are NO updates. It’s coz I’m BUSY!! Well, I made this teeny tiny refinement. If you saw this page come up in a search engine, it was a link to the intro.html page. So I fixed it and it now checks to see intro.html is within a frame or not. If it isn’t then it links to the index.html page. That’s all I did… I got way too many assignments and stuff to put stuff here… I am doing some nifty webpage stuff but its at work and not here :(. Anyways take it easy…

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