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Company Webmaster

The last few days have been fun. I am actually going to miss this place. My buddy and I have suddenly become the company webmasters! So I’ve been able to get access to machines! I think that’s pretty cool because it puts me back on track to come back to school. One of my drill sergeants needed a web page, and now all the other drill sergeants want one too. We’re also going to most probably make a company webpage… I plan on maintaining it from Arizona… But anyway… 4 days and a wake up…

9 days and a wake-up!

I am ALMOST out of here. OH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD! Plus my parents will be making to my graduation!! This is the BEST! WOOHOO!!! I’m so done with this place. I’ve been here way too long. 13 weeks is no joke. But I’m finally almost done… Next weekend will be my last here… That’s pretty much it… Go Army!

I might leave this place early

I might get to leave early. There are three possible dates. The official one, which is September 4th, then there is August 29th, which is when I can graduate if my acceleration is approved (I find out if the Colonel has approved it on Tuesday), and then there is August 27th. It turns out that our entire class might be accelerated. We find out Monday. If this is the case (and I so hope it is), I will only miss two days of school. This is all still a BIG IF. I hope it works out. Went to a hotel this weekend. It was fun. Relaxed. Slept in a nice comfy bed… I hope next weekend is my last weekend. I so want to LEAVE THIS PLACE!!!

It’s August

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

It’s August! Yeah! This means I only have a month left! Maybe a little less if my acceleration request goes through. I hope it does. It has to go all the way up to the Lieutenant Colonel. If that goes through, I can leave on the 30th of August as opposed to the 4th of September. I have a little over 4 weeks left. 9 weeks have flown by. I want OUT. I hate Virginia and it’s mostly because of the stupid weather. I have over-night pass this weekend, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m sitting my ass in Fort Lee, Virginia, using the Internet and the phone. That’s all I’m doing. Another weekend… My time here draws to an end!!

Another weekend

One more weekend rolls by. Went to the mall again. Saw “K-19: The Widowmaker” which was a pretty good movie. I liked it. More drama than I expected, but I wasn’t disappointed. Nothing else is going on. The weather just keeps getting hotter and hotter. I hate it. Around 46 or so days left… Yee-haw! See y’all next weekend (not like anyone reads this crap anyways).

Off-Post passes RULE!

Oh yeah! Another weekend is here!! WOOHOO!! I can’t post here regularly anymore… They moved the dayroom because some other stupid Company needed it. Our Senior DS tried real hard to keep it. When he couldn’t, he just moved over all the stuff to where we currently live. Couldn’t move the computer because it costs a lot of money and they don’t want to risk dropping it or something – I don’t know how that piece of crap could be expensive. If it is, then someone conned them. Anyway, went and saw MIB II coz we got OFF POST PASSES!!! THEY RULE!!! The movie was alright – not as good as the first, but still entertaining.

Well… gotta go now… see you all next week…

Virginia in the summertime

SUCKS. I have “Virginia in the summertime” on my list of places NOT TO BE IN. Why? Because it’s HUMID that’s why. You sweating your ass off just standing and doing nothing. Anyways… It’s the weekend again WOOHOO!! And I’m in a bowling alley on Ft. Lee. Last week went by fast.

On the 4th of July we had a “motivational company run” at six in the morning. Fun stuff (No, really!). We ran around 5 miles I think. Then that evening we went to a concert by someone called EPMD. I’ve never heard of him/them before. The concert was ok. It wasn’t really my kind of stuff. Some songs were alright. The next day (Friday) was cool – it was a company cook-out day. Just lounged about ALL DAY. Fun stuff. The 1SG, DS’s and the CO were serving us lunch. It was pretty neat. Now it’s Saturday and I’m so happy! Completed rites of passage today. I am officially a Quartermaster in the United States Army. The Quartermaster Corps is the second oldest corps (the first being Infantry) formed only three days after the army was formed. Cool huh? Well, so for our rites of passage, we went to the Army Quartermaster Museum, where we got to see artifacts all the way back from the War of Independence. Real awesome stuff. We also got to see a little movie (with a cheesy 80’s soundtrack) about the history of the corps. All in all, it was nice. It gave me a sense of pride to be part of history. What else… just chilling in the bowling alley now… gonna go and chill some more! I LOVE WEEKENDS!!!


I RULE! HELL YEAH! Check it out! I’m at my personal webpage from the computer at my day room! Haha… They have a link to Hotmail, and from there I went to MSN, used web search, went to Google and then entered the URL for my website and BOOM! I RULE! This is KICK-ASS! I can use this whenever I want now!! Woohoooo!! More tomorrow… THE WEEKEND RULES!!!

It’s the weekend WOOHOO!

Alright! It’s Saturday again! Man! What a week! I have had a total ok 8 hours of sleep this ENTIRE WEEK! That’s because we have been practicing for the Drill and Ceremony competition. We’ve been up till 1 am doing it. Wake up is at 4 am… BUT I have to press my uniform and shine my boots and that gives me a grand total of (drum roll please) ONE HOUR OF SLEEP! So that’s how it’s been this entire week. I’m tired as hell. I’ve fallen asleep standing on my feet. How many of you have done that? Yeah I did that while I was at a Change of Command Ceremony. I was that tired. I haven’t slept yet… Nope… Can’t waste the weekend! That reminds me though… I’m PISSED! I’m supposed to be on BLUE pass… but NOOOO! I’m on WHITE pass still because they SCREWED UP my score on the PT Test! So I have to pay for THEIR mistake. Oh that sounds SO DAMN FAIR!! They added two minutes to my run time. I ran 2 miles in 14:44 and they got it down as 16:44… bastards…

What else? Hmm… Nothing else I guess… 9 more weeks to go. I wanna get out of here ASAP. I’m gonna post something tomorrow too…

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