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I’m sure most of you have seen the movie The Mummy. If so, I’m sure you remember the sandstorm scene with the huge, towering sand wall. Here are some pictures of a real sandstorm in Oman.

Wall of Sand

A wall of sand approaching the campsite.

Wall of Sand

How big is this thing?!

Wall of Sand

Getting closer…

Wall of Sand

The sand wall, right before it hits the trailers. It’s actually much bigger than it looks.

Weather Phenomenon

It hailed today. I was in class, so I wasn’t able to see it. But I did see the aftermath. Ice everywhere! It kinda looked like snow. Yup… ice in the sonoran desert. Pretty awesome. I made a little ice man outside Hayden Library. I wish I had a camera so I could take a picture – of the ice man and the ice all around here… This is my first ever hail experience. Pretty awesome.

Beautiful Day

What a BEAUTIFUL DAY! I love it! Wooohooo!


What a lovely day… it’s awesome. The light coming through my windows is golden.

Kill Bill and awesome weather

What a SCHWEET movie! I can’t wait for Volume II.

The weather outside is AWESOME! I love it!

Weather Anomaly

The weather has been strangely nice since Wednesday. The air doesn’t feel like a furnace blast and I am not sweating out insane amounts of water. The mornings are actually rather chilly – they seem like Arizona winters, which means I feel cold. It warms up during the day to where there respectable heat – but not too hot or humid. This state can’t make up its mind about the weather.

We’re doing FTX this weekend. It should be cool – going out to the field… putting on our camou… YEAH! We leave on Tuesday morning and come back Friday morning. After that we have 3 days of classes (Subsistence) and then the finals and then I’m DONE!

That’s all… see y’all next week.

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