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I hate spyware

I hate spyware. Spyware companies are run by malicious bastards. You heard me. Anyone who makes spyware (exploits, trojans, whatever) or runs a company that knowingly makes spyware or is involved in its development, is a filthy bastard.

I just removed a Trojan that was hijacking my start page. It was using a rogue dll. Bastards…


Ok, so I’m late on the scene. It’s obvious. I got Kazaa Lite. Bye-Bye Spyware! I also got this ready-made HOSTS file that points all those stupid ad URLS to a bogus IP. Hahaha! No more stupid ads. They just open up witha page not found error. Also, I don’t see dumb banner ads on pages either. Take THAT! Stupid ad companies. HAHAHAHA! I HATE YOU ALL! (I mean ad banners)…

Kazaa is retarded

I decided to try out Kazaa. It’s so lame. It’s got a ton of spyware on it, and when I remove it, it says “You have uninstalled a part of Kazaa that is required to run the Media Desktop”. What a load of bull. Dumbasses.

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