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You know what’s so sweet? I am using Winamp to make an http connection to my FreeBSD machine to access music that’s on my XP machine through an SMB share. So my music goes from my XP machine through the SMB share to my FreeBSD machine and from there over the internet through a symlinked directory in my pub folder to arrive at my laptop. So Schweeet! I can access my entire music collection!

Some new screenshots

I’ve got… like FOUR screenshots of KDE 3.1. Yeah, I was bored. I added support for PNG images to the image manipulation script. KDE 3.1 is pretty sweet… but ever since the update, samba and cups have been acting strange. Samba works for the most part. Cups doesn’t work at all… I can send raw data to my windows printer, but I can’t seem to use the driver… weird… I’ll have to mess around with it some more…

FreeBSD 5.0

Installed FreeBSD 5.0. Of course, nothing went as planned. I downloaded the ISO’s and burned them, but the CD’s turned out to be worthless as they wouldn’t boot. Don’t know why. So I ended up with a couple of coasters. I decided to do it instead through FreeBSD. It worked this time. Got my system pretty much the way it was under 4.7. I still have to set up CUPs. I did get Samba working again. Although, I should document my work a little better. It would be easier… especially with Samba… I spent 15 minutes trying to work out a kink… My quick and dirty journal file only had the remark “search the web for relevant documentation”. It took some time to find what I was looking for. Well, anyway… it looks like it’s working great…


Got samba working on my FreeBSD machine. Now I can access NFS shares from my XP box.

More FreeBSD

I learnt some new stuff. CvsUP is pretty neat. I learnt the hard way that when you do a make buildworld you have rebuild the kernel the non-traditional way. My kernel wasn’t compiling and for a moment I thought I would have to go through all that madness with write failure on transfers again. See, I was trying to get Mozilla to work. It wasn’t finding some shared libraries… at least the downloaded one wasn’t. So I tried to install it from /usr/ports/www/mozilla and /usr/ports/www/mozilla-devel. However, both died on some perl errors. I was also trying to install cups, and this wasn’t working either for the same reason. They were both dying on some errors in Perl5.0x. It was due to an outdated perl module. But anyway, I decided I should reinstall EVERYTHING. So I ran /stand/sysinstall and reinstalled everything through FTP. Best install I ever did. Sure, it took longer, but I had no stupid write transfer errors. Also, all my old stuff was still there. My kernel config file, my X Windows config file, and rc.conf were all there. I just had to edit hosts.conf. Everything else was fine. Even the programs I had installed before were there. Well, Mozilla works now. There are two other things I am trying to get to work. The first one involves trying to access my printer (which is currently hooked up to my XP box) from FreeBSD. I installed cups and samba and installed my printer from [url:http://localhost:631]http://localhost:631[/url]. However, lpstat says that my printer is disabled and jobs stay in the queue. So I’m not sure what’s wrong. The other involves trying to get a working version of Doom Legacy.

Anyway, through all of this has been very helpful. There are a lot of people out there who are willing to help you out… After I’m a little more comfortable with FreeBSD, I plan to put up some documentation on this site. I totally love FreeBSD… I think the lines are being drawn… =) I can see why it’s better than Linux! Oh yeah, Mozilla is a pretty good browser. However, I wish they implemented support for IE filters. I’m not sure what their DOM is like, but they probably should all switch to Microsoft’s (sounds horrendous, but it’s the best choice, really) JavaScript DOM. It’s the best one. Netscape has it all backwards. I’m not sure what Mozilla’s DOM looks like, but like I said before, they should implement support for filters… I can’t see my own website on my FreeBSD box because I use filters extensively… cross browser? Yeah RIGHT! Ha!

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