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Popularity Contest WordPress plugin breaks RSS feed

I’m using a somewhat old plugin (it hasn’t been updated since ’09) called Popularity Contest to show the popularity of my posts. However, I noticed that it was breaking my RSS feed. This is due to the fact that the plugin doesn’t properly escape the ampersand character inside an image URL. Instead of & it uses just &. You can fix this by changind line number 2272 to:

$str .= '<img src="'.site_url('?ak_action=api_record_view&#38;id='.$post->ID.'&#38;type=feed').'" alt="" />';

Publishing to twitterfeed

I just got myself a twitterfeed account so that I can publish my journal entries to twitter. I hope this works.

RSS Feed

I set up an RSS Feed yesterday, for this website. I know there are tons of bloggers out there who write about many amazing topics like what their cat threw up yesterday. Then they even go so far as to set it up on RSS. I can’t claim to be completely innocent because I have also written about some really inane topics. But anyway, in my defense, I can at least say that I’ve written this entire website from scratch, and this includes setting up the RSS. I mainly did it because I wanted to do it for fun, and also because I wanted to link to it from my Friendster profile.Furthermore this website is primarily for me to keep a record of my thoughts and for my friends and family to see what’s going on my life.

The feed can be reached at You can also supply parameters to the feed. I currently have only one parameter, which lets you specify the number of entries you would like to retrieve. For example, returns the ten latest entries in the journal. If no parameters are specified, the feed returns five.

Please note (for those who are new to RSS) that you need an RSS Reader to be able to access the feed. Otherwise, you will simply get an XML file if you click on the link. I use Sage, which is an RSS Reader Extension for the Firefox browser.

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