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Dr. Pheanis’ Surprise Retirement Dinner

Today we had a Surprise Retirement Dinner for Dr. Pheanis at C-Fu Gourmet. I didn’t find out about this until two or three days ago. Apparently this thing had been in place for a while. I was planning something separately for him, when Marc sent me the evite for the dinner. I sent out the invitation to forty more people. I didn’t realize that there were no spots left! They managed to open up a few more, so I was able to get in. But that really didn’t matter, because they squeezed in more people anyway!

The dinner was amazing. It was so awesome to see the love, admiration and respect that was there. It is undeniable that Dr. Pheanis is an amazing professor and mentor. Every person in that room has learned something from him. He has instilled so many good values in us. Honesty, perseverence, good work ethics, responsibility, and finally… good documentation (with good grammar) and how to write REALLY GOOD code. I can not even begin to describe what an amazing man he is. He truly is one of the few people I have met, that has inspired me so much. I am not the only person either. There are 109 others at the dinner who feel that way… and 90 others who couldn’t make it, that feel that way too. I shall remember everything he has taught me. I feel honoured and consider myself lucky to be his student.

He received at least three standing ovations from us. He was so touched and moved. Especially when he received a framed certificate that said “To the Greatest Professor Ever, Thank You”. He was moved to tears.

I don’t think any of us there, could have thanked him enough. I wish his retirement had been under better circumstances. But I think that even if ASU doesn’t care, his students and his colleagues do. That’s really all that matters. We will all remember him for what he taught us and for what he is – an excellent professor.

Dr. Pheanis’ Last Class

Today was Dr. Pheanis’ last day as a professor. We were his very last class. He said he would remember us the most because we were his last class. I think it is very fitting that the CSE 521 class would be his last. We are essentially (in his view – I am not just saying this), his best students… the “creme de la creme” as he put it. There are very few students that he invites to take CSE 521. CSE 521 is a hard class and he invites you to take it only if he thinks you are smart enough to take it. I am glad he thought I was smart enough to take it. I like to think that we represent his success as a professor.

ASU is losing an excellent professor… not that anyone in the management cares because they have their own f**king agendas. I really wonder what will become of the embedded systems department once Dr. Pheanis leaves.

I really am glad to have been taught by him. It really is an honour.

I am back

I’m back home. It feels great. I left Virginia at 4:00pm for Pittsburgh. I got there at 5:15pm. Interestingly, my next flight (PIT – PHX) left Pittsburgh at 5:15pm. When I got to the gate, I found out that it had been delayed. It wouldn’t leave till 7:10pm. So I just sat there and listened to music and finished up a book I had been reading. When it was 7:00pm, I looked at the time again and this time it said 7:30pm. This was starting to piss me off now. But there was nothing I could really do. So I sat there and listened to some more music. Finally we left. The flight was four hours and fifteen minutes long. I slept during most of the time. The inflight movie was something retarded called the “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”. So I slept. I was tired and time passed quickly. Reached Phoenix at 9pm MST. This was an interesting situation because I was 20 in Arizona, but I would be 21 in Virginia. So I wouldn’t be able to drink in Phoenix, but I would be able to drink in Virginia… Just seemed kind of cool… Anyway, my roommate Michael was there to pick me up. We took all 3 of my extremely poorly packed and heavy bags back home. Oh yeah, I had to pay $80 to check in an extra bag – how lame is that? Pretty lame… I think. I’m glad to be home. It feels weird being back here… but its a “good” weird. Reporting in to my unit today and I’m talking to some of my professors – expecially the ones who said they wouldn’t go over what I missed… I’m in my Class A’s and it feels weird walking around school like this. It feels weird not seeing so many BDU’s around… But I’m glad to be home…

We deserve more Respect

Man I’m pissed! Some of my professors are SO DAMN RUDE! They are so obtuse! They are absolutely unwilling to help me out. They keep talking about how important it is to be on time for classes but they will do nothing to help me get there on time. Their brain seems to have some problem comprehending the “I am here under orders from the United States Government” part. Doesn’t matter. I sent an email out to the Dean. I can’t believe that they don’t have to common courtesy to reply to me like decent, mature individuals. I can’t believe that they won’t even give me a little bit of respect – especially considering the things I am doing. Yeah… let their lame asses run 6 miles in 85% humidity at 3 in the afternoon. I am busting my ass so that THEY can feel safe… I hate them.

Well, another weekend rolls by… Can’t wait to graduate.

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