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Popularity Contest WordPress plugin breaks RSS feed

I’m using a somewhat old plugin (it hasn’t been updated since ’09) called Popularity Contest to show the popularity of my posts. However, I noticed that it was breaking my RSS feed. This is due to the fact that the plugin doesn’t properly escape the ampersand character inside an image URL. Instead of & it uses just &. You can fix this by changind line number 2272 to:

$str .= '<img src="'.site_url('?ak_action=api_record_view&#38;id='.$post->ID.'&#38;type=feed').'" alt="" />';


I added another wallpaper of Shakira. I have no life. It is official. I hope I get that job I applied for… It’s Web Development with PHP and MySQL… along with working on UNIX machines and network stuff. Fun stuff…

A Lot

A lot has happened. As you might have noticed, and were both down for a while. That’s because Marc’s ISP decide to make the intelligent decision to change his static IP. That resulted in some problems. Marc finally fixed it. So here we are.

The Photo Album should be up probably next week… this week is hell. PHP has been compiled with gd support so it’s going to be a breeze.

421 is a lot of work. ARGH!!

I got half of my signing bonus from the Army. After taxes, I have $2,802. I’m not touching it. I’m putting it in savings. But it’s so awesome to have that much money!!

Went to Garba last night. It was awesome. A whole lot of fun. Didn’t do too much garba, but had the dandia going for well over an hour.

There are some other things I wanted to write, but I can’t remember them at the moment… I’ll write them later… Oh yeah! I bought a motherboard for the server I’m building. I only have the case, harddrive and RAM left to buy…

GD and FLY

I just installed GD so I’m on my way to creating a dynamic photo album. Marc has given me no promises about recompiling PHP with GD so I found an interpreter (fly) that should work with PHP. Nothing else… June 3rd is only two weeks away… I really don’t want to leave…

I hate cookies

IE won’t set my cookies… the ones I send through PHP. I hate it. This sucks. This really really really SUCKS. Finals get done on Tuesday… WOOHOOO!!! Can’t wait!!

Sessions SUCK!

I can’t manage sessions in PHP! I can’t do it! It’s not working!! GRAVEY!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT? I tried everything… I put an example from straight in and it still didn’t work… maybe I’ll just write my own session handler… register_globals is Off… track_vars is On… and do JACK… umm… if any one knows how to get it to work, email me

That was a LOT of work

Hey everyone,

Not that very many people come to this page… and if anyone, not that they come here often. But I hope someone has noticed the radical changes that my website has been through. If you’re not running Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, you won’t be able to see this page… sorry! Maybe someday I’ll write a cross-browswer version (heheh yeah right…).

Anyway, this entire site is done in PHP – which is a pretty neat language by the way… Remember I told you about the cool stuff I’m doing at work? Well, this is some of it. Neat fading stuff… nice interfaces… I didn’t have access to a webserver that would let me run PHP. However, my good friend Marc, was kind enough to let me use his server to host my website – that was back in January. Everybody give a huge applause for Marc – yay Marc! Thanks buddy! =)

What else? Nothing much. None of the other links work as yet. They’ll be up bit by bit (very little bits). I won’t be here over the summer. I leaving on June 3rd for AIT at Fort Lee, Virginia. I’ll be there till the end of August, so you won’t be hearing from me for a while… Hope you like the new stuff…


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