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Photo Album Working

I’m glad to say that the Photo Album looks like it’s working… Hope everything else is…

Temporary Pets

I’m uploading a new album titled “Temporary Pets”. Since Michael and I moved into these apartments, we’ve had a bunch of pets. They weren’t really our pets. They just seemed to be there in our house. Our first “temporary pet” was a cat called “Monkey 2”. I think something bad happened to “Monkey 1”. It was our neighbour’s cat, but for some reason it liked to come to our apartment. Then we had another cat. I named him “Dogma”. Cool name huh? Then there was a cute puppy called “Angel”. She was in our apartment for one night. It was another one of our neighbour’s pets. I don’t think they took very good care of her. I kept her in our apartment one evening because it was really cold and the neighbours used to put her outside. So I took her in and left a note on their door. They never came to claim her. So I went over later and the guy was all wierd. He was like “Why don’t you keep her?”. I’m like “I’d love to, but I don’t have the time to take care of a pet. It wouldn’t be fair on her.”. So he took her. I put an old box outside with a bath towel in it so that Angel could sleep in it. The next day, the box was gone, the puppy was gone, and the bath-towel had taken up a new job as a doormat. My conclusion is that they ate her! You think I’m crazy? You haven’t met my neighbours! They’re wierd! What else can explain the sudden disappearence of the dog? I am certain they ate her. Those bastards! Poor Angel! Well at least Angel is in heaven now. I know she is because “All Dogs Go To Heaven”. Well anyway, then we had another cat in our house. We donated him to the humane society. So anyway, I’ve got pictures of all of them, so I’ve decided to upload them.

Family Pictures

I’ve put some family pictures up. I’ll be uploading some more… when I get time…

AIT Ball Pictures

I’ve uploaded pictures from the AIT Ball I attended while in training at Fort Lee. More pictures from Fort Lee will be added when I get the opportunity.

Garba 2001. 421!!!!

Pictures from Garba 2001 are up. Also, 421 is so much WORK. I still have to make my program more efficient… although my “efficient” version is ridiculously obese compared to my professor’s…

State Fair and Garba Pictures

Garba pictures are up

Went to the Arizona State Fair today. It was great! Saw Gin Blossoms and went on a whole lotta crazy rides. I was sick after the first two… but got better… then did some more crazy rides. Spiral fries are awesome.

Three albums uploaded

I’ve finished uploading three albums. More to come…

Photo Album Complete

After 3 years of empty promises, my pictures are finally on the website. You can track all of my promises through these journal entries… but anyway, it’s all done now! Ahhh… It feels good. The thumbnails will take a little time to load… that’s because it’s generating the file on the server – dynamically. I’m proud of this entire tool 🙂 The next thing I’m going to work on – Creating and Updating User information. Then what… Hmm… Links and Projects maybe… Update my bio and resume… oh yeah, make a debugging console… oh and even a reminder and a calendar tool… That should be fun…

Photo Album access rights

Exclusive Albums will no longer appear in the Album List. That makes the “Exclusive” column redundant. I’m too lazy the change it though.

Photo Album up and running

The Photo Album is complete. I’d say 95%… I’m still implementing access rights and privileges. Essentially people won’t be able to see all the pictures I have. I’m keeping certain pictures private or viewable only by certain people.

Anyway, go ahead and take a look.

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