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First set of albums uploaded

After Sadhu’s incessant nagging, which proved to be a great disturbance to the course of my normal life, I have uploaded most of the pictures I took over summer. Ok, it’s not as bad as it sounds! Just kidding Sadhu ;). I did procrastinate a little bit in putting these pictures up, but I was also really busy.

Sadhu, am I anything more to you than just your personal photographer/ASU historian person? Seriously – I need to get something in return from you for this. Don’t ever say I never did anything for you! 😉

The Albums that I have uploaded are “Gouri’s Wedding”, “Trivandrum ’04”, “My 23rd Birthday”, and “Garba 2004”. I still have a lot more pictures to upload. I will try and do it tomorrow or next week. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, the pictures from Gouri’s Wedding are exclusive. Gouri requested me to not make it publically viewable. If you really want to see it, email me and I’ll forward your request to Gouri – she has the last word on it.

Photo Album – 2 years and still going strong!

My photo album has been up for two years now 🙂 Wow… I still remember writing it!

Pictures from Boston and Vegas

I’ve uploaded two sets of pictures.

The first one is from my Spring Break trip to Boston, where I visited Michael and Laura. The second one is from my trip to Vegas, this last weekend. The first one is titled “Chez Michael et Laura”, and the second one is titled “UNLV Dance Competition 2000”.

More Photos

I’ve added more photos to the Halloween 2003 Album and also some to the Garba 2003 album.

New Album

I’ve got pictures from Halloween uploaded. Biggest album ever. 34 pictures! Enjoy!

Sadhana… happy? 😉

More Pictures

I’ve added pictures of the Tardeada Performance. They are in an album titled the same.

A Year

Hell, I just realized that it’s been a year since the Photo Album has been up. Cool! It’s been well used too!

More Pictures

I’ve added two more albums “Michael and Laura’s Farewell Party” and “Ajay’s Farewell Party”. I have also added a lot of pictures to the Family section. Check them out…!

Three New Albums

I’ve added three new albums. “Garba 2003”, “Dinner at Oregano’s” and “Showteam Club Carwash”. Enjoy! I have a dozen or so more pictures to add – these are of my parents and I’m going to add them tomorrow to the “Family” Album.

Sadhana – are you happy now? 😉

Pictures are up

I’ve put up pictures from the USSA Formal 2003 (The ones I lost when the server crashed) and pictures from Shareen’s graduation party…

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