For that pristine machine

I remember when my home directory used to be organized. I knew exactly where my documents were. Which folders had which files. All my Napster MP3s were organized perfectly by artist and album. It was beautiful. I maintained this order assiduously, between multiple installs and machines. But the internet gets faster. And there is ever more data to download. Today I can barely remember where things are. Sure, I remember the general folder. But do I remember exactly where? In which backup is it? From which year? On which server? Is it in the cloud? Or did I copy it to this machine? Maybe it’s on my Windows install? Now they all float about. Digital ghosts. The layers pile up, strata of data; an archaeologist could dig through them and see the progression of my digital life. Digital experiments; code half written and half forgotten lie about.

I need to write a script to organize it all.