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Ah yes. You all are probably wondering where I went. I wasn’t anywhere near operating distance of a computer since May 17 and upto July 26. Why? Well, this is because I was at Fort Jackson, South Carolina undergoing Basic Combat Training to become a soldier in the US Army. You all are probably wondering if I am insane. No, not really. I did this because it really helps me with my college money. Keep getting good grades and they pay 75% of my tuition. Awesome eh? Anyways, it was quite an experience. One that I will never forget and one that in a strange and bizarre way, kind of enjoyed. I’m fitter than ever… and more confident that I have ever been. It was just absolutely amazing. Well, so now I’m back to my usual existence as a Computer Engineer. Not many changes on this page. I put in some JavaScript to check on screen resolution. You will be redirected to another page if your resolution is not 1024×768. I also updated the ISG Message Board link to point to a new one. CoolBoard shut down for some reason. The new one is EZBoard. The About Me section has also been updated. So if you care to be bored out of your mind, go ahead and take a look. That’s all…

Malaika will be back

Hey! Umm…I will be making some minor changes to the page. The Malaika section will be back up. I don’t have enough space for gcj and libgcj anyways so it really doesn’t matter. Oh and this silly page is showing up on search engines… wow… finally. I’m thinking of making changes to the menu format because it shows up all wierd on any resolution lesser than 1024×768. I’m still thinking about it so it’s not concrete. Anyways, that’s all… exams are up in a week and I think I am going to die. Alright then… take care you all! And thanks for doing something about the message board! =)

New Message Board

Alright people… how’s it going? Heheh… Napster is going to be up… at least for the time being! Ok, now onto more important stuff. I’ve got a new message board up. I’m not going to use the InsideTheWeb one anymore. I’ve got a CoolBoard one now. It’s much nicer and has many cool features. So all you ISG people from the class of 1998-’99 (12th grade) go check it out now and write something! What else… oh yeah… coming up… I’m making some updates on the About Me sections AND once I get to Arizona, I’ll put up pictures here… I promise! I know I’ve put it off for a while, but this time you’ll get the pictures! =). I’m not doing anything on the Links section just yet because all my cool toys (Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop pro…) are at home. Alrighty then! See you all later!

California Rules, P2P Rocks, Metallica sucks even more

Hey everyone, how’s it going? I’m in California right now and I’m having loads of fun… yeah… it feels great to be away from that searing Arizona heat. I’m looking into creating a new message board which looks nicer and has a lot more stuff. Work on the webpage is going to be delayed (as usual =( ) because next semester looks to be a lot of work. Anyway, the main issue here is Napster. As you might already know, it is most probably going to be shut down at midnight on Friday. The issue here is how to keep it going… Well, there are many ways… first of all, there is a service called Napigator that’s available and it lets you connect to other servers. There are also other services like GNutella, ScourExchange and iMesh that allow peer-to-peer connection. The recording industry may have won the battle, but for all purposes, it has lost the war. There is no way it can stop services like GNutella because unlike Napster, GNutella is de-centralized and there is in effect, nothing to shut down. Well… I’m assuming that it’s going to be a while before the idiotic heads of record labels finally understand this. And as for Metallica, I’ve lost all respect for them… their “campaign” against Napster was nothing more than a publicity stunt. And Lars Ulrich can go to hell. Well, anyway, they pretty much destroyed themselves with Load and ReLoad… but oh well… I’m thinking that in a way, shutting Napster down will actually help this new technology… Alright then… time for me to go… cy’all later!

Trouble accessing Message Board

This is with reference to the Message Board. I’ve been having trouble accessing it lately and I wonder if you have as well. It’s probably something to do with their server and hopefully they should have it fixed soon. Well… I’m enjoying my freedom… it is absolutely cool! Heheheheh. Updates… hmmm… I have to see when I get some time… I’ll do SOMETHING. Don’t worry =). Alright then… I’m gonna go and sleep… gotta wake up tomorrow to go somewhere… Cya!

Link to Hypernews Updated

Alright… the link to “HyperNews” has been updated to Marc’s forum. On a question of technicality, Marc’s CSE210 is not”HyperNew”, but rather PHPSlash that he’s using. The link points to that site now. I could change the image file to reflect this change, but I’m too lazy. Anyways, HyperNews has kinda become synonymous with a forum where we post our questions and woes on CS… So even though it’s a misnomer, I guess it’s good enough! Ok you losers from ISG… Don’t you have ANYTHING to write? I have something REALLY cool to write, but I won’t unless you people post something first! >=(. Anyways, I have to go now. Cya

ISG Message Board back up

The Message Board is back up! It happened right after I updated this page. The CSE210 forum is also working. I’ll be leaving the link here as a backup in the event that something happens to Marc’s forum (I doubt anything will happen). You guys, write something on that message board ok? Please?!

Some updates…

Hey guyz! Will someone write something on that message board? I’m tired of seeing those old messages… What’s happening?? How’s the new semester!! Nimish! I know you’re accessing it! I can see you! Write something! Okay.. on to new stuff. I’ve updated the About Me section. No Pics, I’ve rewritten the entire thing. Read it if you want. I think I will be busy all of new week. I have to figure out the entire process for my classes and essentially get used to the new schedule. Wish me luck! Well, that’s pretty much it! I’m thinking of starting work sometime on the guest book. I’d like to write it in Perl and have a CGI script. I can’t use CGI here as there is a security issue… I’ll think of something! Anywayz, that’s all! I’d better go now! Cya!

Changed this page around and added Hypernews…

Hey everyone! As you can see, I’ve done a major overhaul on my page. Changed the interface completely, but had to use (yuck) frames… Sorry!! Ok… what else? The interface is simple. It’s essentially a control panel. Hope you like it… you’d better… I spent hours working on that baby! Second semester started… it’s okay but looks to be tons of work. I’ll try and put more stuff up here. For all you CSE210 people, click HyperNews to access the message board! Well, that’s all!

Good job on the Message Board guys!

Hmmm! The message board seems to be rolling along well! Good job guys! =) The girls have written something… FINALLY… and Deepshika has mysteriously reappeared! The message board is definitely serving it’s purpose so keep writing ok? As for me, I’m going to be in LA and this page is not going to see and updates for a month… But I’ll still be in touch. It’s just that all my webpage building stuff is in AZ. Ok… what’s new on the webpage? Nothing much, just coded in a new JavaScript function that displays a random title image everytime the page is accessed… pretty nifty huh? Ok… Cya next millenium!

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