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Malaika is back

Ok! The Malaika section is back up! My exams get over on the 13th… I can’t WAIT!!! I’ll be done with this stupid semester…

Malaika will be back

Hey! Umm…I will be making some minor changes to the page. The Malaika section will be back up. I don’t have enough space for gcj and libgcj anyways so it really doesn’t matter. Oh and this silly page is showing up on search engines… wow… finally. I’m thinking of making changes to the menu format because it shows up all wierd on any resolution lesser than 1024×768. I’m still thinking about it so it’s not concrete. Anyways, that’s all… exams are up in a week and I think I am going to die. Alright then… take care you all! And thanks for doing something about the message board! =)

Removing Malaika

Hey everyone… school has almost started… going to start tomorrow to be exact. Updates… I’m removing the Malaika section. Sorry, but the jpegs are taking WAY too much space. Plus, I’m trying to install gcj and I don’t have enough space. Oh and my pictures will be coming up soon… hang on tight! Alright… talk to you all later!

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