Old Stuff

The Heater in my house won’t work. The maintenance guys worked on it for two days and couldn’t figure out the problem. Then they called the AC tech guy. He looked it for a couple of hours. Then he tells me the problem. The apartment complex is old. And then he shows me this component. It looks something like a vacuum tube. Or one of those flashy light thingys that are inside the Mad Scientist’s lab. I mean, this thing looked OLD. It was probably made back in the day when computers were as big as trucks and had about as much brainpower as my microwave. It was also damaged. It looked like it had been subjected to some ungodly amount of heat. It was even missing some pins. Apparently before the gas heater fires up, it goes through a safety check. This is part of that safety check. I’m glad because if it wasn’t then my house would be a little too warm – after it explodes and everything. So he’s like “No one in town carries this around”. I have to wait till Monday morning before he gets a new one. I wonder how many other old things are in my house. I bet a hamster is running my refrigerator.