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Publishing to twitterfeed

I just got myself a twitterfeed account so that I can publish my journal entries to twitter. I hope this works.


I’m thinking of putting up a FreeBSD Journal here. I’m having a hard time remembering all the different things I’ve done to get my machine customized. It would help if I kept track of all the things I did. Plus, it will be a good resource…

No visible changes

Yeah, I guess there are no “visible” changes, but I got the pretty version of the “Insert Journal Entry” page done. I even made a new and improved select box because IE wouldn’t let me change the button properties on the default one… =D… Yeah I know it’s pretty nerdy… Anyways, I’m not sure what I’m going to do next… I think I’ll finish up the links page…

A note on the journal entries

Just a note on the journal entries… I ported all the stuff that was under “news” on my old website to this one… So if you wanna go back and see my stuff from “back in the day”, go ahead… as you keep going forward in time, you’ll see the posts change from “Oh I’m such a happy freshman” to “I am a cynical and bitter individual”… Well… sort of… A nerdy bit here… I put all the entries into a database and I’m pulling it from there =D. Also, journal entries are sorted in descending order by date and then time… So the newest one is on top… Knock yourselves out…

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