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My Clip on NBC Nightly News

A while back, I uploaded clip I made on to my website. It was just a clip of us soldiers being silly. Anyway, after I came back from war, I uploaded that clip to YouTube. My initial comments were something like “lyk yeah whatevr that is so stupied”. I didn’t take those seriously, especially since it came from someone that couldn’t spell “stupid” correctly. I forgot about the clip until I received an email some months later from both NBC, and LMNOTV. NBC asked me if they could use my clip on their NBC Nightly News. I was surprised that my little clip would generate so much interest, and I went ahead and agreed. LMNOTV said that they might air my clip on their “My War Diary” show later this year. I’m going to send them a few more clips and pictures as well.

But anyway, check out NBC Nightly News tonight, and you may see my clip. Oh, and if you’re coming here because you saw my clip on NBC Nightly News, here are links to all my posts dealing with my experiences:

Journal Entries partially working and Comments!

Guess what! You can add comments now too… muahahaha. Erm. Yeah. I’m going to make a pretty page from where I can submit journal entries. Well, quick and dirty first. Then the pretty version will come later.

Finally… something functional on this website. It’s been about three months, but I finally have something here. I’m able to pull the journal entries fine from the database, but I have to send it through a parser to parse out the custom tags that I have… that’s the next step. But this is a good start. I’ll provide the terrible details of what actually happened over these past three months later…

Now to test out some custom tags… I’ll be deleting this entry later…

Long years ago, we made a tryst with destiny… And so on and so forth. This is a quote. Just some crap, really.

I should say more. A lot more. BLAH DE BLAH BLAH.

Lalalalaa!! This is a test.

Now for some code snippets:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    int c = c;
    printf("%i", c);
    return 0;

Yes, that actually works. And another one:


  print "perl is TEH rox0rz";

And now, just a line of code:

find something | xargs grep stuff

And a dialogue:

Me: w00t
You: rox0rz!11ONE11!!
Me: j00 4r3 teh d00m3d!!!1ONE11!!ELEVEN!!!11ELEVENTYBILLION!!11
You: OH NOES!1!!!!

That should be good enough.

Journal Entry Display Template

Ok so I’m writing some stuff here… just to make it look like I have something… I’m figuring out the layout right now… so… blah de blah de blah. I need to write enough to make this look long enough. Like a normal journal entry. So… blah de blah de blah blah. Hmm… I think I will use random strings of letters. So here goes. Adhsfh asoiew pasdofk weife. Woidsj soidsfj soso ajs pwei adjfp ajgia pwe? Aidso wieji aodifp aowaoe sdjfis gisod!! Gjoei waoid waooa eirj aodk glas. Wrije epiew jwld pwqj apgoi aopwp apds apeoijap apd spdi psos peowe aspdfl alg siie sidj app ajdj aueu gjwi igw wiej ago aeowp giaoewp gjskd wpeoi apdpd apgpd apdpd eijg. Aeidk siej apdwoieja alsd wid psdk wigjs aidja gjda pda sdu wopie widjsd wie. Ioijel isdjw pewpj sdpfie! Losing my website was TEH SUCK!11!11!ONE111!!ELEVEN11!!!ELEVENTYBILLION11!!! But because I am a l33t h4x0r I was able to get back my journal entries!!111!! I am TEH R0X0RZ11!!! Disk failure is TEH D00M3D11!!!!111. Ok, so that should be enough material.

Long Time

Ok, so it’s been a LONG time since I wrote anything on this thing. Mainly because I was pissed off when file system got screwed after the power failure. I lost about 70% of my database. Anyways, nothing much is going on. Not too much work on this page – I’ve been busy with work at Motorola and building webpages for other people. Oh yeah, and classes too – 18 hours. I graduate next semester.

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