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Good job on the Message Board guys!

Hmmm! The message board seems to be rolling along well! Good job guys! =) The girls have written something… FINALLY… and Deepshika has mysteriously reappeared! The message board is definitely serving it’s purpose so keep writing ok? As for me, I’m going to be in LA and this page is not going to see and updates for a month… But I’ll still be in touch. It’s just that all my webpage building stuff is in AZ. Ok… what’s new on the webpage? Nothing much, just coded in a new JavaScript function that displays a random title image everytime the page is accessed… pretty nifty huh? Ok… Cya next millenium!

Lab, Message Board and Thanksgiving

I finally got that Lab done! And it works and everything! So I thought I’d add some stuff here… Glad to see that the message board is finally working. That post there by Nimish says everything. BUT the women haven’t written anything as yet… Pri, Rini… C’mon! Write something willya??? Okay… on to stuff I’ve added. I’ve got the Programming section kinda working. A UNIX tutorial is up, so try and have a look at it… Don’t expect stuff here for another week or so. It’s thanksgiving next week and I’m off to LA. Woohoo!! Then I have finals in 3 weeks… so I might not put stuff here for a LOOONG time!! Let’s see what happens! Cya’ll later!!

ISG Message Board set up

The ISG Message Board was set up today…

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