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Relief of a cross on the walls of the ruined Vaipikkotta Portuguese Seminary, in Kottayil Kovilakam. The seminary was built by the Portuguese in the 1700s.

#history #ruins #archaeology #india #incredibleindia #kerala #chendamangalam #kottayilkovilakam #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #photography #photographer #nikon #nikond3000 #nikonphotography
Relief of a cross on the walls of the ruined Vaipikkotta Portuguese Seminary, in Kottayil Kovilakam. The seminary was built by the Portuguese in the 1700s. #history #ruins #archaeology #india #incredibleindia #kerala #chendamangalam #kottayilkovilakam #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #photography #photographer #nikon #nikond3000 #nikonphotography
Life uh... finds a way... Granite floor of the Vaipikkotta Portuguese Seminary ruins in Chendamangalam. The seminary was destroyed by Tipu Sultan. 
#incredibleindia #india #kerala #chendamangalam #vaipikkottaseminary #kottayilkovilakam #nikon #nikond3000 #nikonphotography #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #photography #photographer #ruins #archaeology #history
Life uh… finds a way… Granite floor of the Vaipikkotta Portuguese Seminary ruins in Chendamangalam. The seminary was destroyed by Tipu Sultan. #incredibleindia #india #kerala #chendamangalam #vaipikkottaseminary #kottayilkovilakam #nikon #nikond3000 #nikonphotography #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #photography #photographer #ruins #archaeology #history
Athirappilly Falls, Thrissur. Also shot this on my Sony DSC-P200.

#athirappillyfalls #thrissur #kerala #india #incredibleindia #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #scenery #landscape #landscapes #nature #naturephotography #waterfalls #photography #photographer
Athirappilly Falls, Thrissur. Also shot this on my Sony DSC-P200. #athirappillyfalls #thrissur #kerala #india #incredibleindia #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #scenery #landscape #landscapes #nature #naturephotography #waterfalls #photography #photographer
At Vazhani Dam. Shot in 2009 on my old Sony DSC-P200 point and shoot. 
I know this is not very original 😁 but I've always wanted to take one like this. 
#vazhanidam #incredibleindia #india #kerala #thrissur #landscape #landscapes #lakes #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #photography #photographer
At Vazhani Dam. Shot in 2009 on my old Sony DSC-P200 point and shoot. I know this is not very original 😁 but I’ve always wanted to take one like this. #vazhanidam #incredibleindia #india #kerala #thrissur #landscape #landscapes #lakes #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #photography #photographer
#sunset at #pookodelake. Took this picture in 2007 on my Sony point and shoot.

#photography #photographer #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #scenery #landscapes #landscape #landscapephotography #naturephotography #nature #sunsets #kerala #india #incredibleindia #godsowncountry #travel #travelphotography
#sunset at #pookodelake. Took this picture in 2007 on my Sony point and shoot. #photography #photographer #amateurphotography #amateurphotographer #scenery #landscapes #landscape #landscapephotography #naturephotography #nature #sunsets #kerala #india #incredibleindia #godsowncountry #travel #travelphotography

Rare pictures of Trivandrum

Some of these pictures are from an album titled “Album of South Indian Views”. The pictures were taken by the Government photographer Zacharias D’Cruz. For some of these pictures, the photographer is unknown. Most of these pictures were taken in the late 1800’s and 1900’s. I originally got these pictures from Manu Prasad Revindran’s Facebook album.

Glenn Beck is an asshole

…within the span of a few minutes, Beck implied that there are no quality medical schools in India; implied that medical care in India is a shoddy imitation of real health care; implied that the entire nation is an undeveloped backwater without even so much as indoor plumbing; and compared the Ganges River, a holy body of water for one of the world’s oldest and largest religions, to a disease…

I guess the only reason Glenn Beck is popular is because there is apparently a marketable-segment of idiots in America. You know, the morons that watch Fox News and actually believe what they hear. Glenn Beck, you are an asshole. You are an ignorant bigot and a douchebag. There are a few people that I know, that oppose the health reform. But the strange thing is that they have rather valid arguments, and even though I may not agree with them, I find them rather intelligent and well thought-out. I mean, Mr. Beck. I realize that by being an ignorant douchebag it’s beyond you to form coherent arguments but seriously… do you have to stoop to the level of offending an entire nation? Or what about the entire community of Indian-Americans?

Usually when people make arguments or counter-arguments about a topic, they usually know what they’re talking about because they’ve researched the topic thoroughly. Oh wait. That’s only if they have a proper show that actually discusses political topics with valid arguments instead of gleefully bending over for the lunatic far-right and being their sockpuppet. Hell, I probably shouldn’t blame you. You are making money after all, even if you have to sell your soul for it. No, your show is a circus and your arguments are bullshit. Even still, I find it appalling that you would denigrate an entire nation and community. You may not think much about Indian doctors, but they seem to be a successful and well-respected bunch in India, with a large number of satisfied customers. In one fell swoop you’ve insulted the cultural and religious sentiments of Indians, you’ve made light of the sweat, blood, and tears of her doctors that strive to serve their nation (and who have migrated to other nations, including *gasp* the United States and serve Americans), and you’ve implied that India is some backwater country without any sort of facilities. Sure, India is no United States and it has a long way to go, and even though you may have the right to say whatever the hell you want, it’s really, really bad form to make fun of a country and her people. You xenophobic, ignorant, douchebag. I find it surprising that even you would stoop this low for ratings.

You sir, are an asshole.


I was reading the BBC on Thursday and was surprised to find that India is going to create a new southern state out of the existing state of Andra Pradesh. I knew that at least one new state had been created in the last decade (the actual number is 3: Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, and Jharkhand). I didn’t think much of it, but my interest was piqued and so I read the article. To be completely honest, I don’t have a strong opinion on the subject, except for one thing: Hyderabad is going to be the capital of the new state. Hyderabad is a very important Indian city. It’s kind of like an Indian Silicon Valley and several Fortune 500 companies have their offices there. It’s a prosperous, modern, and hi-tech city.

Now some background. After reading the article about Telengana on Wikipedia, it seems that when the states of India were being re-organized along linguistic lines by the State Reorganization Committee, they were not in favor of merging the Telengana region with the Andra region due to economical disparities. The Central government decided to ignore the SRC recommendations and performed the merger anyway (perhaps using the reason that both areas spoke Telugu, and so there was no reason to split them). As was to be expected, over the past few decades, the Andra region has prospered whereas the Telengana region is still economically underdeveloped.

It would seem that in principle, there needs to be a separate state. However, I’m not so sure of the wisdom of handing over Hyderabad to a fledgling state. It will take time to create a new state-machinery and I think that Hyderabad could suffer in the process. In addition, the city is going to a state with an untested and nascent administration (obviously, because it’s a brand new state). So… maybe not such a great idea. On the general topic of creating more states in India (as a result of the imminent creation of Telengana, many other groups are agitating for their own states) I don’t really have a well-formed opinion. Maybe it’s a good thing – you can have more focused state-administrations and better management. However, the side-effect is increased fragmentation. The last few governments in India have been coalition governments formed with the support of regional parties. Creating more states is probably going to create even more regional parties and it’s not going to help the situation.

The Problem with

Arranged marriages are common among Indians. I’m not going to go into the merits and demerits of it; that’s not what this post is about. What I want to address is the problem with sites like that supposedly make it easier for Indian people to arrange these marriages. Now don’t get me wrong. There are many people who have met their soul-mates through (and similar sites). My sister met her husband through that. But the problem with these sites is that they are not geared towards the individual. Before I elaborate, we need to talk about what arranged marriages are, and why they are arranged.
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Sorry about not writing for so long. I was slowly getting back to “normal life” and I felt kinda apathetic about writing. Then when I actually felt like writing, my internet connection went down. It’s a long story, and I’ll talk about it later, but basically I have no more static IP’s. But I’m so glad there’s this.

My whole vacation was about “change”. Scratch that. Going to war, coming back, and settling into normal life has been about change. Usually I’m averse to change. Yeah, I’m that guy who orders the same damn thing everytime I go to a restaurant. Mostly because I really like the dish. It’s not so much I like being in a rut (I don’t), but it’s more that once I am comfortable with something, I don’t like changing it. Change makes me stressful and agitated and I usually don’t like it. I like to have a handle on every aspect of the situation and I hate “unknowns”. But if anything, I think I’ve learned how to deal with change.

I find myself thinking of the “good old days” a lot. I get patronizing scoffs from older people (people in their 40’s or 50’s) when I say this, but seriously; it’s true. After college, a lot of things changed. I started working, I got a house, and then I went to war. I listen to music on the radio, and I say “What is this shit? Music was so much better in the 90’s!”. That’s also when I realize that I sound like my father (of course, he claims music was better in the 70’s). But again, it’s more than that. I think I’m in that gray area when you realize that you’re actually starting to become a “grown-up”. Some people say it’s because you lose the clichéed “innocence of childhood”. But I think calling it the “ignorance of childhood” is more apposite, and as we all know, another cliché tells us that “ignorance is bliss”. My view of the world has become significantly grayer and duller over the years by layers and layers of cynicism. I don’t mean this just figuratively. No, really – I distinctly remember the days being brighter when I was younger. Is that what happens when you “grow up”? I remember wonderful summers in India, when I was seven or eight. There is this tree in our backyard that we children would play around. The sunlight was brighter, and butterflies would be flitting around us as we played. I didn’t see that many butterflies when I went to India this time, or the last time for that matter. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough.

When you grow up there are a lot of new things you learn, things you wished you didn’t know. You are expected to take part in “grown up” discussions and things like that. Stuff that’s really tiresome. Sometimes I feel that everyone talks, but nothing gets done. That’s really frustrating for an engineer, who’s whole life revolves around solving problems. I’d say for the most part of the eight years since I left highschool, my life was constant. But I think it was the going away for a year that made me realize how much had really changed. Being out there for a year made me re-evaluate so many things, especially my personal relationships (these especially for the better). I think part of it was because I was a passive spectator to my own life, one that was moving along without me. I mean, life wasn’t really “going on” for me. Life for me, was Arizona and I sure as hell wasn’t in Arizona for a year. It’s funny when I try to place things or relate to things and I realize that my point of reference is from two years ago. It’s very disorienting to immerse yourself into an environment that’s a year ahead of you… like stepping into a moving train.

One of the major “changes” I’ve had to deal with is my little sister’s marriage. I knew it was going to happen one day, but it was more of an abstract concept than something concrete. But yeah, my baby sister is getting married – later this year in fact. It’s a happy occasion, but still different than what I’ve been used to. Some changes haven’t been so happy. It’s sad when you look at an old photograph and realize some of the people are no longer around… and that some of them won’t be around much longer. I wonder if cynicism is the inevitable consequence of knowledge and adulthood. I do find myself looking at a lot of things through jaded eyes. Somewhere along the way I lost the sense of wonder I had during my childhood, or even in my early college-years. I guess I still believe in the goodness of things, but more often than not I am surprised by it.

I think it will get better though. Being in touch with my family, being around my family, and in the company of old friends helps it out quite a bit. Just like anything else, it’s always only a matter of time…

I’ve got a few pictures here from my trip in India. There are a few missing which I will upload later. There are also others that I lost when the drive on my laptod died (this always happens to me). I’m going to try and salvage what I can from it this weekend and see if I can get the pictures back. I’ve got pictures of my highschool teachers and highschool principal here. The feeling I have towards them can only be called “reverence”. In Hinduism they say that the Guru (teacher) is equal to God. Nothing could be further from the truth when describing my teachers. I would not be where I am today, without their help.



Big Doggie
A Newfoundland I met at JFK.

The cutest doggie in the world.

Mr. Andrews, Mr. Dogra, and I
Mr. Andrews, Mr. Dogra, and I.

Mr. Bhatnagar and I
One of the most amazing persons I have ever known.

Mr. Joy and I
My old class-teacher, Mr. Joy standing in front of good old 12 A!

Mrs. Ghosh and I
Mrs. Ghosh, my old Ibri house house-mistress. She never actually taught me, but that seems irrelevant. I still remember reciting a piece from G. B. Shaw’s Pygmalion for the House Recitation compeition.

Mr. Srinivas and I
I certainly wouldn’t have understoon Electricity and Magnetism if it wasn’t for Mr. Srinivas. One of the most interesting and engaging teachers I’ve had.

Mr. Stanislaus and I
Mr. Stanislaus wouldn’t let me synthesize RDX in the Chemistry Lab. That was probably a good thing. It’s also because of him that I can still amaze Chemistry Geeks with my random bits of Chem knowledge.

Our cats in Muscat. Thomas, Sundari (meaning “pretty one” in Malayalam), Karamban (meaning “black one” in Malayalam), and Tiger Poocha (literally translated, “Tiger Cat”. It’s a name I made up).

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