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I love this girl

Here’s an inanity:

I am totally in love with this girl (more pictures here). I was at Sadhana’s house one day, and her amma was watching some Tamil movie. The “song and dance” sequence was on, and I see this really cute girl on the screen. So I immediately turn to Kala Aunty and go “Who is that girl?!”. It turns out that her name is “Asin”. And she’s Malayalee too!+ Me, being the resourceful nerd that I am, immediately checks her out on Google (once I get home). I saw a few pictures, but not too many.

For some reason, I forgot about her for a few months and then suddenly one day I was like “I wonder how Asin is doing these days”. So I checked her out again. I got a lot of pictures this time. You know, this reminds me of the crush I had on Malaika Arora oh yeah, and I can’t forget my crush on Shakira… I guess boys never grow up.

Anyway, I had a bunch of time on my hands to waste so I went ahead and made a wallpaper. I usually have grand ideas about making wallpapers, but they never really come to fruition. I decided to make a very simple one this time. The end result is what you see below. You can click it to get the full-size version. It’s for a 1280×1024 resolution, but it should shrink without any problems to 1024×768.


+Yes, as if this greatly increases my chance of meeting her!

The Internet is full of crap

From Friendster

Today’s Forecast

You’re still quite focused on your sweetheart, and the feeling is mutual. Have dinner out, and don’t be afraid to talk about the future. You won’t be the only person at that candlelit table who’s been thinking in terms of permanence.

It’s all good, on both sides of that romantic candlelit table. Don’t be afraid to bring up the topic of what tomorrow might bring. You’re on the same page, so if you’re with someone and it all feels right, don’t worry. The stars have arranged for romance, permanence and all good things. If you’re not currently attached, make tracks for the one place you know your kindred spirits gather. You’re set up to win at love, but you can’t win if you don’t play.

How much more inane can these stupid things get? Like I actually give a shit about my stupid randomly-generated, made-up horoscope. Does anyone take this crap seriously?

The internet is so full of crap. Stupid angsty teenagers writing bad poetry and dumb, insipid topics on message boards like “what shoes did you wear today lol”. I was checking out my Friendster profile and I see a topic on the message board: “Make a word with the first letter of the person’s name above you”. WTF?! WHO GIVES A CRAP?! I guess the people who do that kind of shit probably have such a low IQ that doing this kind of task might actually prove to be a mental workout for them. For crying out loud…

I don’t mean to sound like an asshole, but seriously… I really think there is a limit for how much pointless and useless crap a person can take.

I need a Soulmate

I need a soulmate. I think the closest one right now is my buddy Nasser, who pretty much has the same train of thought as mine. It’s uncanny at times.

But seriously… I was talking to Vibha yesterday and I said “Do you think you would be interested in finding out about the etymological differences between certain words and consonants in Malayalam and Tamil?”. I wasn’t surprised when she said “Umm… No.”.

Yeah, pretty nerdy right? Yes, it is and I need someone to understand me on that level! Is there anyone? I mean I really find stuff like that interesting… and other stuff too… I have no hope.

Marriage is like a Cake

SuperXam: a lot of my friends are getting married
SuperXam: and it’s kinda weird
nassmo17: oh i know…not to mention pooja popping a kid out
SuperXam: oh yeah that’s just the icing on the cake
SuperXam: that is if marriage and having kids was a cake… you know… with icing
nassmo17: oh definitely…I’ve always thought of that as cake
SuperXam: i think it can be a good cake

That makes so much sense.

Internet Dating

Friendster has decided that it should take charge of my love life. I got two emails alerting me to the fact that I had received messages from two girls. This itself was rather surprising as I never get messages on Friendster from women. I always seem to get them from guys who want to go “hang out”. So anyway… I log on and I check out my profile. Friendster has a field called “I’m interested in meeting people for”. I had selected “Friends”. Friendster decided that this is not enough. Now it says “Friends, Dating Women, Relationship Women, Activity Partners”. Try as I might, I can’t change it BACK. It’s really weird.

Although I have to admit that getting those messages was flattering. One of those girls thinks I have a great smile…


SuperXam: there is a couch in the women’s restroom in ecg.
tofurkey101: yup
SuperXam: how come the men don’t have a couch?
SuperXam: are there couches in all the women’s restrooms?
tofurkey101: no
tofurkey101: because men don’t get cramps
SuperXam: oh… is that why? so when you get cramps you have to sit down
SuperXam: i thought it was there because it was a girly thing or something
tofurkey101: you hope for too much

That solves the mystery…


Holy Crap! It’s May already!

People thought I was dead or something

I got a rather concerned phone call from Sadhana yesterday morning. Apparently, she and everyone and their mom were trying to get in touch with me. Apparently I was supposed to be in some presentation or something. I started wondering if I there was a class I had enrolled in, but forgotten to go to or something.

What had actually happened was that I was in the ground floor of Hayden Library and I was there for quite a while. I don’t get any reception there so no one could get in touch with me. A lot of people were trying to get in touch with me.

The next day, Chris said him and everyone else were wondering if I had died or something. They were worried. Interesting confluence of events.

What do you want?

So if this genie comes up and gives me one wish for what I really want. What would I say? Do I really know? Do we all know what we want? And I mean, what we really want?

If I had three wishes, one of the wishes would be that I could have a computer that upgrades itself everytime something new comes up. Oh yeah, I also want a holodeck like they have in Star Trek. And a car that can fly – like my own little shuttlepod which is, of course, approved by the FAA. Is that three wishes? Damn…

One wish? No clue. What do I really want?


Yes, I hate you too.

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