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Productive… Sort of…

I was sort of productive… I came up with an algorithm for Lab 8. Then after reinstalling FreeBSD like 10 million times (I hate those damned Write Transfer errors) I have finally got it set up… sort of… The sound doesn’t work. I can’t hear anything. I’ve got the box talking to my WinXP box, but I can’t use the ICS on the WinXP to talk to the rest of the world. I’ve got the XP box set up as a gateway, but there still seem to be issues. Through all of this madness, I learnt quite a bit about creating device drivers, recompiling the kernel and editing rc.conf… I like FreeBSD…


I’m finally online from my own computer at home. Took some doing, but got it networked. Learnt the hard way that PPPoE and ICS don’t mix on Win98. I’ve got my WInXP as host and Michael’s Win98 as Client. ICS setup on WinXP is painless. Works real well… have to go now and read about Lorentz Transformations.

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