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Dead Printers and Geeky Valley Girls

My printer died. After faithfully serving me for more than four years, my HP Deskjet 812C died while in service. Actually, shortly thereafter. I had just printed out a 30 page grading criteria checklist and after that, nothing would coax my printer to print. I probably shouldn’t say dead. Maybe it had a stroke. I can get it to print a test page. Not through my computer though. I have to play around with its buttons. I turned it off, checked all the connections, uninstalled the drivers and then reinstalled them. Didn’t work. Critics will say that it was my fault (they always do). But I never did anything. It was just time for my printer to go. They go to wherever printers go when they die. I suppose that’s Printer Heaven or something. They get endless refills of paper and lots of Toner/Ink depending on what kind of printer they are.

Well anyway, so I was talking to my buddy today and suddenly we came upon the notion of a hypothetical being – a geek valley girl. I thought one of those would speak like this:

Well, so I like bought this totally awesome 40 gig Maxtor and I was like Oh My God this is just so awesome!
Well, anyways so I like had it for like four months? And then it just like CRASHED?! And I was like oh my God!
Like I had all of my Perl scripts in there! I was all tore up! This is like soooo lame y’know?

Woah… Sweet…

Sound works

I’ve got sound working on my FreeBSD box. Finally. I tracked it down to a conflict between the onboard card and the sound card from my old HP Pavilion. I thought the card was a Soundblaster Live! But it turned out to be some wierd (unsupported) sound-modem combo card called Chameleon. I read that it’s a crappy card, so I decided to go with my onboard card. Recompiled the kernel and now it works fine… Still having network issues… I can talk to the other computers on the LAN… My WinXP box is the gateway and the FreeBSD box recognizes it… but it can’t talk to anything outside… =|

Finally, a scanner that works

I am the proud owner of a new Canon LiDE scanner. I finally have a working scanner. The replacement that HP sent me never worked, and I assumed it was their piece of crap computer that failed to recognize the scanner. It seems to not be the case. I hooked it upto my Alienware machine and it still didn’t work. I hate HP. I have had the worst experience with them. They suck. Well, anyway, it’s good to have a working scanner finally.

I went to my Physics 361 recitation today for the first time. I got all my homeworks and quizzes that I never picked up. I am doing much better than I expected. Which is ironic, since I put the least effort into this class. I’m not doing all that great in 421. Missing those first two weeks really hurt me. It looks like it still is hurting me… and I’m putting the most effort into this class.

Can’t life get any better?

HP Sucks

Lessee… Things are not really going my way… I got a new scanner… but the damn thing still doesn’t work… it’s not smoking or anything, but when I scan, all I get is a black image… pretty wierd huh? I think I have a problem with my cable… other than that I have no idea why it’s happening… But anyways, I think I’ll be getting some time to do some work… first thing, I’m going to set up a new control panel… then I might do something on the links page. Pictures… I’m getting some stuff developed and so I’ll use the scanners at school to get pictures. Anyways, I gotta go now and work on some Prolog – FUN! 😉 Cya’ll later!

Busy, busy, busy

I apologize for doing absolutely NOTHING on this page… two things… I was busy… busier than expected and so I had absolutely no time… I might have done something had I got my scanner, but HP has been messing things up… man those idiots are really incompetent… well anyways, hopefully I should have my scanner by next week or something. I can’t say anything about updates… but if I get my scanner, I’ll see to it that I get some pictures up here… that’s all! Adios and take care…

DSL Kicks Ass!

Hey everyone… Finals are here and they get over on the 10th… so you MIGHT see stuff up here. I’m thinking of doing a little work on the links page and adding some stuff here and there. I should be getting my scanner this week. HP said that they’re gonna send me a new one. You should be seeing some pics here then. As for the DSL, I must say it TOTALLY ROCKS!!! I’m doing 640kbps upstream… heheheh awesome huh? Right… I have to go now and do a CSE assignment… so I’ll see you all after the finals. Later…

My scanner is burning!!!

Ahhh. Finally! Ummm… Sorry! This is not about an update! It’s just to let you know that I’m still alive and that I haven’t been kidnapped by aliens and taken to another planet! Well, depending on how much time I have, I will be able to start work on the webpage as I’ll be getting DSL by the 10th of next month (hopefully). Sorry about no pics… My scanner is not working… it uhhh… started smoking the last time I tried to use it… no kidding!! So I’ll have to wait until I get it fixed by HP. Until then… I guess all we can do is way! Peace Y’all!

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