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StackOverflow FAIL

I saw this question on StackOverflow today. I thought it was hilarious!

How do I hack into the government?

Funny StackOverflow question

Marriage is like a Cake

SuperXam: a lot of my friends are getting married
SuperXam: and it’s kinda weird
nassmo17: oh i know…not to mention pooja popping a kid out
SuperXam: oh yeah that’s just the icing on the cake
SuperXam: that is if marriage and having kids was a cake… you know… with icing
nassmo17: oh definitely…I’ve always thought of that as cake
SuperXam: i think it can be a good cake

That makes so much sense.


SuperXam: there is a couch in the women’s restroom in ecg.
tofurkey101: yup
SuperXam: how come the men don’t have a couch?
SuperXam: are there couches in all the women’s restrooms?
tofurkey101: no
tofurkey101: because men don’t get cramps
SuperXam: oh… is that why? so when you get cramps you have to sit down
SuperXam: i thought it was there because it was a girly thing or something
tofurkey101: you hope for too much

That solves the mystery…

Ice Cream

Conversation with Ed

Me: No! My Chocolate Ice Cream has Vanilla in it!
Ed: That Bitch!

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