XHTML and Episode III

Getting this site to be XHTML compliant is a total bitch.

Anyway, today (well, tomorrow really) we are going to see Episode III. It’s the 12:01 showing. I remember when I went to see Episode II three years ago. It was really awesome, and I liked it. But I guess the feeling sorta died down and now that I think about it, some parts of it really sucked. Especially the parts with Anakin and Amidala. George Lucas is just a terrible director. I did like Yoda’s fight scene with Count Dooku though! Awesome, it was!

I have high hopes for Episode III. Reviewers are saying it’s pretty good, and that Lucas might have finally redeemed himself for the atrocities that were Episodes I and II. They are even saying that this one is like The Empire Strikes Back. I talked to Michael about it and he told me that he heard that certain reviewers were even placing it before Return of The Jedi as far as their favourite episodes go. That’s saying a lot.

I hope I’m not disappointed. It would really make my day if I they have a scene where they show Jar-Jar dying… horribly. Where he says something like “Ahhh!!! Meesa skinsa burningsa!!! AHHHH!!!”. That would SO make my day.