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I’ve been burning all the DS9 episodes that I got, onto DVD’s. Being the perfectionist that I am, I am bothered by some mistakes I made when making some of the DVD’s. Inconsistencies bother me. For example, for one of the Season 1 DVD’s, I put a Season 2 background. Furthermore, I forgot to put background music for another one. Then there’s the fact that I discovered animated menu buttons too late, so they only start from Season 2. Oh well… everyone makes mistakes I guess… but I hate making them. Anyway, I’m glad they I’m moving them onto DVD’s. Each season was about 9 gigs. The DVD’s have come out really good though.


Well anyway, so yesterday I finished watching the last episode of DS9. As I said before, I never got into it while it was showing – mostly because it never showed in Oman. But I downloaded all the episodes and I have been watching them since Spring. All I can say is, what a GREAT show. I think DS9 and TNG are my favourite Trek Franchises. DS9 started off slow, but it had an amazingly satisfying ending. The story arc was absolutely great, and don’t even get me started on the characters. They are so dynamic and so well presented. It was a darker, more ominous Star Trek, and it addressed a lot of issues that TNG didn’t. I am really going to miss watching DS9 episodes… *sigh*…


I have all seven seasons of ST: DS9! Woohoo!


I’ve been watching DS9. I never got into it when it was playing. But now I’ve been downloading all the episodes. I’ve already downloaded the first three seasons. It’s been easy with my DSL speed upgrade! It seems pretty interesting – the shows. Not as good as TNG, but still good. I can’t wait till things get interesting with the Dominion!

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