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Sweet, handsome doggie needs a home

My wife and I found a dog that was wandering Hunt Highway between Lindsay and Val Vista. He was pretty scared and shy and after chasing him for about .5 mi we eventually caught up with him at the ranch on Val Vista and Hunt Highway. The folks at the ranch said that they have been seeing him for the past few days but weren’t able to catch him. After spending almost 30 minutes coaxing him with treats, I was finally able to get him into the car. My wife works for a no-kill shelter and we were hoping to get him in there but they can’t take him because they are full. My wife is looking for other shelters in the area, but we’re not sure what we can do.

He’s a normal-sized dog and is probably at most a year old. He’s very much a puppy and a very sweet boy. He was scared at first but then warmed up to us very quickly. He’s very friendly and seems to be at most a year old, but quite possibly younger (maybe 9-10 months) because his adult teeth are just coming out.

He’s either a bulldog/dane mix or a pit/dane mix. He hasn’t displayed any signs of aggression and seems to be in good health. Not sure how he is around kids.

He didn’t have a collar on and we’re taking him in today to see if he is chipped. If this is your dog, please let us know!

We would love to adopt him, but we already have two dogs of our own and can’t afford to keep another one. If anyone is interested in a good family dog, please let us know!

Or, if you know a no-kill shelter or a rescue that has room and can take him, please let me know also!

Temporary Pets

I’m uploading a new album titled “Temporary Pets”. Since Michael and I moved into these apartments, we’ve had a bunch of pets. They weren’t really our pets. They just seemed to be there in our house. Our first “temporary pet” was a cat called “Monkey 2”. I think something bad happened to “Monkey 1”. It was our neighbour’s cat, but for some reason it liked to come to our apartment. Then we had another cat. I named him “Dogma”. Cool name huh? Then there was a cute puppy called “Angel”. She was in our apartment for one night. It was another one of our neighbour’s pets. I don’t think they took very good care of her. I kept her in our apartment one evening because it was really cold and the neighbours used to put her outside. So I took her in and left a note on their door. They never came to claim her. So I went over later and the guy was all wierd. He was like “Why don’t you keep her?”. I’m like “I’d love to, but I don’t have the time to take care of a pet. It wouldn’t be fair on her.”. So he took her. I put an old box outside with a bath towel in it so that Angel could sleep in it. The next day, the box was gone, the puppy was gone, and the bath-towel had taken up a new job as a doormat. My conclusion is that they ate her! You think I’m crazy? You haven’t met my neighbours! They’re wierd! What else can explain the sudden disappearence of the dog? I am certain they ate her. Those bastards! Poor Angel! Well at least Angel is in heaven now. I know she is because “All Dogs Go To Heaven”. Well anyway, then we had another cat in our house. We donated him to the humane society. So anyway, I’ve got pictures of all of them, so I’ve decided to upload them.

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