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Generating API Documentation from XML using XSLT

I work at Infusionsoft, and we offer our customers API access. Visibility and access to the various tables and their fields is controlled by an XML file on our end. Naturally, our customers require user-friendly documentation that tells them what tables and fields they can access and in what manner. Previously, a former developer had written a maven goal that would generate the API documentation from the XML file. Unfortunately this was something that he did on his own and the code wasn’t in our subversion repository. When that developer left, we decided to take a look at the code to see if we could continue generating the documentation using the maven goal. We determined that the original solution though helpful, involved a lot of work in Java simply to generate API documentation. This was when I suggested using XSLT as it would be a remarkably lightweight solution and it is also perfectly suited to this task. My colleagues agreed and so I decided to go ahead with the task. There was one slight problem though. I had very little experience with XSLT! But how hard could it be? I love learning new things anyway!
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Your own code. Use IE.

I probably should document my code. It’s not cool coming back to it after three months and wondering what the hell you were smoking when you wrote it.

I managed to figure out (vaguely) how I got fly working. I know I did something weird to the makefiles. I think I had to link it explicitly or something. Anyway, I can add Photos properly now. All I need to do is finish the “Delete Photos” and “Update Photos” option. Then I can put up the photo album for real. I need to make a non IE5.5+ version too… so that other people can use the photo album at least. I wish everyone would use IE. Seriously. Alright, alright… now you’re probably thinking “What? You can’t say that! That’s an affront to nerds everywhere!”… Microsoft is Evil, but it sure as hell makes my coding a whole lot easier if everyone just stuck to IE. Then there’s .001% Mozilla crowd going. Oh Mozilla is SOOOOOO much better than IE and Microsoft is Evil and you’re a traitor! Yeah whatever. Makes my job SOOOOOO much easier. Stick to IE and while you’re at it, PLEASE upgrade to the latest version – i.e 6.0 (eh? eh? get the pun?) If you’re still using IE4.0, that was sooo 4 years ago! UPGRADE!

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