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Downtime and System Upgrade

Sorry for the downtime. My webserver had a failing hard-drive and I figured that while I was replacing the hard-drive, I would upgrade the entire machine as well. The box was a Pentium 4 1.4Ghz with 512MB of RAM that I hadn’t upgraded since I first built it in 2002. Now it’s been upgraded to a Pentium 4 2.4Ghz (hyper-threaded) with 1GB of RAM. Building from source will be a lot faster now! The whole upgrade process took a while because I was also in the process of upgrading another one of my machines and that took for EVER (some issues with shorting). Finally I had to install FreeBSD (version 8.0) on the new hard-drive as well as Apache, PHP, MySQL, WordPress etc. After I have everything set up, I’m going to make sure that I image the hard-drive so that I can restore it from backup easily.

Upgraded System

I just upgraded my WinXP machine. She’s a 2.4Ghz HyperThread Enabled Pentium IV with 1 Gb RAM. I have about 230 Gb that spans across two disks (one 160 Gb and one 75 Gb). I had to get a RAID controller. All of the other hardware is the same. It took me about three freaking days to get it all working. It was a bitch. The last day was the worst. It wouldn’t POST and there was no video. I must have taken apart everything and put it back together about 10 or 15 times. Finally I took it all out – including the motherboard. There was a dust bunny beneath it. Maybe it was shorting the board. I dunno… the no video problem was pretty intermittent. Anyway… it’s all working now. I just have to back up my old stuff… it’s kinda late now though… I’ll do it tomorrow… I need some SLEEP now.

So many toys!

Woohoo! I love the Friday after Thanksgiving. I got my self two 256Mb RAMBUSes and also a 160Gb HD. All for a schweet, schweet price! Now my machine is running with 768Mb of RAM. I am so tempted to go up to 1Gb! I am going to put the 160Gb in my WinXP machine. And keep the 75Gb in there too. I still have a 512Mb SIMM lying around and also two 64Mb RAMBUSes. Maybe I should put the RAMBUSes in the FreeBSD machine and the 512Mb into the new server that I want. SCHWEETNESS!

Ugh. Back to school. I wish I was still in Cali. I built 3 computers in two days. Can’t wait for the semester to be done!

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