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Comments were broken for a while

Commenting on this blog was disabled for a while… I think it was due to Akismet misbehaving or something. I’m not sure. Either way, you should be able to comment now. I will be slowly adding anti-spam stuff back in.

Comments issue fixed

The recaptcha plugin had an update which fixed the comments issue. Comments should no longer be marked as spam. I apologize if you commented here and your comment did not show up! It may have been deleted from the spam queue.

Akismet flagging everything as spam

If you’ve been commenting on posts and now seeing anything, it’s because Akismet as been flagging all comments as spam. I don’t know why. I think it started after I upgraded WordPress. I’ve turned it off for now. Oh well.

Fixed a problem with Comment submission

Sam alerted me to the fact that the comment submission feature wasn’t working. It had to do with improperly setting the action attribute of the form. Well, it was set correctly, but after created an .htaccess file, and wrote some Rewrite Rules, it got messed up. I just had to set it to an absolute path. It should be working now.

Journal Entries partially working and Comments!

Guess what! You can add comments now too… muahahaha. Erm. Yeah. I’m going to make a pretty page from where I can submit journal entries. Well, quick and dirty first. Then the pretty version will come later.

Finally… something functional on this website. It’s been about three months, but I finally have something here. I’m able to pull the journal entries fine from the database, but I have to send it through a parser to parse out the custom tags that I have… that’s the next step. But this is a good start. I’ll provide the terrible details of what actually happened over these past three months later…

Now to test out some custom tags… I’ll be deleting this entry later…

Long years ago, we made a tryst with destiny… And so on and so forth. This is a quote. Just some crap, really.

I should say more. A lot more. BLAH DE BLAH BLAH.

Lalalalaa!! This is a test.

Now for some code snippets:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    int c = c;
    printf("%i", c);
    return 0;

Yes, that actually works. And another one:


  print "perl is TEH rox0rz";

And now, just a line of code:

find something | xargs grep stuff

And a dialogue:

Me: w00t
You: rox0rz!11ONE11!!
Me: j00 4r3 teh d00m3d!!!1ONE11!!ELEVEN!!!11ELEVENTYBILLION!!11
You: OH NOES!1!!!!

That should be good enough.

Comments, Radix Sort, Adam and Eve

Ah finally! Someone made use of the Comments! I feel so special! Thanks Ed! Yeah and life sucks.

Radix Sort is an amazing algorithm. Too bad my teammate and I failed our first demo because we made the absolutely dumb mistake of not distinguishing between a BYTE and a LONGWORD. Yeah big difference.

Anyway, I thought this was cute:

Adam and Eve had an ideal marriage. He didn’t have to hear about all the men she could have married, and she didn’t have to hear about the way his mother cooked. (Kimberley Broyles)

Comments Feature

You can now comment on my journal entries. Just click on ‘Comments’!

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