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Being a complete nerd, this tragedy hits me really hard. I’m an avid space enthusiast and every shuttle mission fills me with hope and pride. Each of those missions is a mission for humanity as a whole. I can only imagine what the families and friends of those seven heroes are going through. I am also concerned about the impact this will have on the future of the space program. For those who say that we shouldn’t send anymore manned missions since it seems to be dangerous, they should realize that they are saying that these seven died in vain. The universe is there for us to explore. We can only dream about the day when we sail among the stars with ease. All that will be because of the brave men and women of today… Who take tremendous risks to reach for the heavens.

Columbia Lost

We lost Columbia. Broke up during re-entry over Texas, 16 minutes before it was scheduled to land. We lost all seven astronauts… It’s hard to believe that this happened…

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