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I got an A in CSE 521. Wooohooo!

I hate ECE 334

I haven’t written in a while. Let’s see… I HATE ECE334! It is the WORST CLASS EVER! I HATE IT SO MUCH!

There. That felt SO much better. STUPID CLASS. Now I have to do these DUMB projects that I don’t really give a CRAP about. Some stupid transistor amplifier stuff. Absolutely ridiculous. These labs are so freaking asinine. Then I have to do the stupid homework for that class. Ugh. I hate it. The professor is doing his best to make sure we understand, but to no avail really. He just goes over theory and doesn’t do any problems in class. I don’t give a crap anymore. Hell, I’m graduating this semster and I have a cum laude. I would’ve had summa if it wasn’t for a dumb shit of a professor who doesn’t know what a finite state machine is. According to his dumb ass, the outputs of the state machines go on top of the arrows. Is that DUMB or what?

Do I seem exceptionally bitter? I am not really. I am just sick of doing stupid stuff. It’s not because the stuff has some intrinsic “stupid” quality. The stuff has become stupid because of terrible professors. In my senior year, in all the 400 level computer classes I have taken, I have had only ONE good professor. The rest of the SUCKED. ONE IN PARTICULAR – CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE?! The only class that I like right now is one I didn’t even have to take – CSE 521.

I hate this week. I just want to get that homework and lab done…

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