It’s finally here

Tonight is the last light I will sleep as a civilian. Although technically I came under orders on the 26th of August, it’s only tonight that I feel, is my last night as a civilian.

Starting tomorrow, I am a full-time soldier for at least a year and a half, waking up at o-dark-thirty every morning.

I don’t think I can put into words the emotional turmoil I am feeling right now. Tonight I saw many of my friends for the last time (for about a year and half). My family has been with me for the past two weeks, and I will be seeing them for the last time (for a year and a half) tomorrow. I cannot ask for a better set of friends and family. They are the most magnificent, caring, loving people I have ever met, and I am blessed to have them.

I want you all to know I love you, and I will sorely miss you all. Thank you for all the surprises and the gifts you have given me over the past month. Thank you for all the love, laughs, and beautiful memories. Thank you for making my final month before my mission to Iraq a treasure-trove of good memories. Thank you for everything.

I will be counting the days till I get back…

I have updated my blog. If you are still seeing this entry, it’s due to a bug I have in my redirection. What you want to do is clear your browser cache and reload the page. It should redirect to the latest entry. The best way to know if I’ve updated my blog or not, is to take a look at the calendar..