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I hate not being able to come to a solution. Does life have an equation?! Of course not. If it does, it is unsolvable. Or how about a chaotic system?

Frequently I find myself rewinding to some point in the past and going “What if I had done that?”. Regret? Sometimes. It depends on my frame of mind.

I have realized that Physics and Math… anything scientific and (mostly) deterministic is a safe haven for me – a retreat – a defense mechanism even. Life is not deterministic… and sometimes you know nothing about something.

Mandelbrot Sets

I’ve generated a couple of Mandelbrot sets.

f(z) = f(z – 1)2 + c; f(0) = c and c is complex number (x + iy).

They’re pretty sweet looking! I used Perl and GD to generate PNG images. The images are rather huge so please be patient. If you have a dialup connection, be prepared to wait a very long time for some of the images.

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