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It is a great conspiracy

So what am I? I’m this poor student with not much money. I have a beat-up Mazda that decides to have a water leak all of a sudden. So here I am, with a car that’s overheating. Yesterday I decide to go to Sun Devil Auto at 8 in the morning. But of course, I don’t get there till FREAKING TEN O’ CLOCK because my car overheats every few miles. And I’m not talking about the time your car “overheated”. This is like the grand-freaking-daddy of all overheating man, this was THE BOSS. My dial was all the way on the other side of temperature guage. A couple more degrees and my engine would have melted. Serious stuff.

Ok, so a little exaggeration. It sucked eitherway. Anyway, so I give them the car and then they DON’T CALL BACK? I call this morning and the guy was like “I didn’t look at it till 5:30pm”… well DUH! Is it that hard to give me a call to tell me that you weren’t able to look at it?

Then anyway he goes on about all these things that’s wrong with my car “Yeah, there is this tiny ding on the hood, but it is a sign of a greater problem! One day it could become a BIGGER DING! We can fix it for $18,171.29!”. So I gave him the whole spiel about being a poor student. He wanted me to replace every freaking thing in the car. “Oooh! There’s is this splash of oil on your engine block! Better replace the whole engine!”. I just told him to replace the Water Pump and the Timing Belt. Apparently the makers of this car decided that they should put the Water Pump in some terribly inaccessible place. Then he says “Oh yeah, we will flush your radiator for $45 also.” WTF??!! FORTY FIVE DOLLARS?! Do you know what is INOVLED in flushing a radiator? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! You let the fluid drain out, then fill it with water and let the engine run, drain that out, do it a couple more times and then finally fill it up with coolant and water. FORTY FREAKING FIVE DOLLARS? I said “Don’t worry I can do it myself”. I could sense the disappointment in his voice. He wasn’t going to get the money that I am using to get myself food and shelter. Anyway, so the net cost is still something RIDICULOUS… but it’s not as bad as it could have been.

Well, soon enough I’ll have a job that’ll be paying more. I can get a better car then. It is a freaking conspiracy. I am taking another job in the Army – a Light Armored Vehicle Mechanic. Then I will know how to fix my own car. HAHA!

Luke AFB

My commanding officer said that he got me Luke Air Force Base. This is very good. Also, it seems that I might not be going to Texas for two weeks. This is also good. I’m on the way to getting my license and getting a car… Hope things work out…

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