Finally, a scanner that works

I am the proud owner of a new Canon LiDE scanner. I finally have a working scanner. The replacement that HP sent me never worked, and I assumed it was their piece of crap computer that failed to recognize the scanner. It seems to not be the case. I hooked it upto my Alienware machine and it still didn’t work. I hate HP. I have had the worst experience with them. They suck. Well, anyway, it’s good to have a working scanner finally.

I went to my Physics 361 recitation today for the first time. I got all my homeworks and quizzes that I never picked up. I am doing much better than I expected. Which is ironic, since I put the least effort into this class. I’m not doing all that great in 421. Missing those first two weeks really hurt me. It looks like it still is hurting me… and I’m putting the most effort into this class.

Can’t life get any better?