Firefox hits 50 million downloads!

Firefox, the Open Source browser has hit 50 million downloads! Absolutely amazing!

I remember when I used to use Internet Explorer because I didn’t think there were any good browsers out there. I also remember when I even flamed Mozilla (I knew this would bite me in the ass later), but that was because this guy I didn’t like, who I used to work with, used it and it was kinda like a “guilty by association” thing. But anyway, this right here, is really noteworthy. I don’t think any other Open Source project has even grabbed the attention of your every day computer user as much as Firefox has.

Ever since I downloaded Firefox I’ve had a markedly better browsing experience. No pop-ups, no browser hijacks, and tabbed browsing! I don’t even know how I got along without it! Firefox wins hands down over IE with its simplicity, speed, functionality and inuitive browsing experience. Why don’t you Open Source critics take a look at this? If they think Open Source can’t produce anything worthwhile, they should take a look at this. This is what Open Source can achieve. Firefox is well on its way to being a household name.

Congratulations to the Firefox team! Also, if you don’t have Firefox, go and get it now!