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It is my birthday. I am 23! Yay!

Durable Bubble

I got Sadhana a birthday present. It’s pretty cool. Basically these durable bubbles that harden in the air and you can catch them. They don’t pop that easy. Pretty sweet huh? On the cover it said “Although the bubbles are not poisonous, they taste BAD!”

I have a marketable idea now. The “Edible Bubble”… or how about the “Durable Edible Bubble”. DEB… or “Bubble: Durable and Edible” – sounds like a summer blockbuster.

What Drill?

Ha! I did everything yesterday I wasn’t supposed to do. One Margarita and five shots of Tequila. Everyone found out that it was my birthday and bought me drinks. That wasn’t it too. I danced. A LOT. But get this – they had this dance circle going. I was supposed to dance with every girl there. I didn’t want to do it because I had just had five shots of Tequila. But they pushed me out there… and I stayed on beat! Woohoo! I danced pretty well too – and it was a fast salsa. Although I don’t remember who I danced with. So what about drill today? Call it luck – my car didn’t start this morning and I was late for my PT test. But guess what? I don’t have to do it until December now! Woohoo!

My Birthday

Today was my birthday! But tomorrow I have drill… and a PT test. Argh! Of course, it HAD to be on the day of my birthday. I was planning to have a great time too… We’re having a fundraiser today at this restaurant called Peruanitos. I won’t be staying all that late and I won’t be dancing either. Gotta save up energy for the PT test.

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