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Reasoning about Sequential Cyberattacks

My paper Reasoning about Sequential Cyberattacks was accepted for FOSINT-SI 2019. I had the opportunity to present the paper at the conference last month in Vancouver, where I was also awarded “Best Paper”.

You can check out my paper here.

I suffered a lot of heartbreak with this paper; it was either rejected for the most trivial of reasons (one reviewer rejected it because I didn’t cite a particular work) or because it didn’t seem like a good fit for the venue. I’m happy that it finally got accepted, and that it was also found good enough to be awarded “Best Paper”. I must be doing something right in my PhD.

Akṣi: Handwritten-digit-recognizing neural-network

I’ve always been interested in Neural Networks (ever since I first found out about them around 10 years ago). However, I never got a chance to learn about them or write one of my own; this is something I’ve wanted to do for some time. I got the opportunity this semester when my professor in my advanced data-structures class told us that we could pick any topic we liked, for a semester project. I thought that this would be the perfect time for me to learn about neural networks and create one of my own.

The end result was Akṣi, a neural network that recognizes hand-written digits. I’ve hosted it using Google’s App Engine. Please check it out!

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